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International Spotlight on Findhorn Foundation Community

April 3, 2017 By Geoff Dalglish

Two of the world’s biggest news and business television networks – which reach a global audience of many millions of people – have showcased the way of life at the Findhorn Foundation Community and Ecovillage in recent weeks.


The CNN International crew of cameraman Harvey Hogan, presenter Nicki Shields and senior producer Natasha Magruder

In the space of days both CNN International and CNBC featured the pioneering Ecovillage in programmes emphasising a more sustainable use of energy and resources.

CNBC TV has shown a documentary that looks at people choosing greener lifestyles as a way to reduce their ecological footprint. It can be viewed in two segments: Part One and Part Two.

CNBC also poses the question: Might the Findhorn Foundation community be the cleanest and friendliest place to live in the world?

In ‘Going Green’ CNN International looks at individuals from around the world who have made changes to their lifestyles to reduce their personal impact on the environment, setting the scene with links filmed within The Park.


The crew filming a link on Findhorn Beach

Presenter Nicki Shields, cameraman Harvey Hogan and senior producer Natasha Magruder spent two days filming in the Ecovillage against iconic backdrops like the turbines of the Findhorn Wind Park, The Living Machine waste water treatment centre that was the first of its kind in Europe, the recycled whisky barrel houses and the much-photographed Field of Dreams with its beautiful Eco homes.

Nicki is also shown tucking into a delicious organic vegetarian meal in The Park’s Community Centre, strolling through the woods alongside the Green Burial Ground, on Findhorn Beach and being chauffeured by Foundation PR Geoff Dalglish in a funky two-seater electric car that draws its energy from the wind turbines.


TV presenter Nicki Shields with Findhorn PR Geoff Dalglish

“More and more people are exploring different ways of living that are in harmony with others and kinder to the environment, and we in the community are grateful for opportunities to share what we are doing here,” he said. “We are also pleased that so many take their positive experiences and learnings home with them, often returning for repeat visits and helping to further stimulate the local tourism economy.”

The CNN programme can be viewed in three parts: Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Local media including the Forres Gazette, Northern Scot and Press and Journal have also been supportive of Eco initiatives within the community.