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NEWS: The Findhorn Foundation featured on BBC’s Good Morning Scotland

June 8, 2017 By Michael Mitton

Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship breakfast show, visited us on Sunday afternoon for three interviews as part of BBC Radio Scotland’s election coverage. They were featured as part of the programme on Monday 5th June which was broadcast from Macleans bakery in Forres.

The three people representing the Findhorn Foundation were Robin Alfred, formerly the Chair of Trustees for the Findhorn Foundation and now Chief Executive of the Findhorn Consultancy Service, Mark Anderson, a trustee of the Findhorn Foundation and IT consultant, and Yvonne Cuneo, an ambassador for the Findhorn Foundation who works in corporate liaison organising business groups to come to the Foundation.

Robin, Mark, Gary and Yvonne outside an ecohouse

Gary Robertson, who interviewed them, was interested to hear what brought them here originally and to hear what they thought that politicians could learn from the Foundation.

They talked about how we are bringing in groups of business people and people of influence to work on more creative and collaborative solutions and in less confrontational ways, and it was suggested that politicians may want to come and spend time here at the Foundation to benefit in a similar way.

You can listen to our segment below: