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Findhorn community co-hosted Whole World Meditation

May 22, 2019 By Gerrit Post
Whole World Meditation

On May 15th the Findhorn community joined the Whole World Meditation in an international online livestream for the annual gathering of the Holistic Centers Network. The intention was to come into resonance with the heartbeat of Gaia. The video is now available online, so you can do the meditation yourself.

Several centres around the world joined the meditation through a video call or livestream and meditated at the same time. See a list of all the centres who joined at the bottom.

The meditation was held at Hollyhock, a holistic centre in Canada. It was part of the annual gathering of the Holistic Centers Network. Lead Steward, Caroline Matters, was at Hollyhock to represent the Findhorn Foundation.

The meditation was led by Michael Lindfield who previously lived at Findhorn and has remained connected to the community & organisation. The introduction was given by Christine Lines who lived at Findhorn as well and is now Executive Director of the Holistic Centers Network.

Whole World Meditation

The meditation starts at 12:47

These centres were represented in Hollyhock:

Canada: The Haven; Clear Sky Meditation Centre; Yashodara; Bethlehem Center; Centre for Courage and Renewal; The Sentinel; Wildwood Foundation; Retreat Guru; Simply Wild Sanctuary;
Hawaii: Kohala Institute; Hui Ho’olana
Washington: Whidbey Institute; Sourcing the Way; Oregon; Breitenbush Hot Springs
California: Esalen; Occidental Arts and Ecology Center; Meditation Mount; Institute of Noetic Sciences; Harbin Hot Springs; Saratoga Springs; Mount Madonna; Vitalist Institute
Colorado: Sunrise Ranch; Maine; Indian Point Retreats; Connecticut; Guest House Center
New York: New York Open Center
Florida: Kashi Ashram
Iceland: Heilsustofnun
United Kingdom: Findhorn Foundation; Newbold Trust
Italy: Community of Living Ethics
China: Bene Wellness; House of I
Sri Lanka: Vishva Niketan Peace Centre of Sarvodaya
Australia: Consciousness of Money

These centres joined from their physical place in the meditation:

Omega; Ananda Worldwide; Emissaries of Divine Light (Edenvale Sunrise, BC; Gate House Sunrise, Cape Town, South Africa; Riverdell Sunrise, South Australia); Esalen; IONS; Yashodhara; Clear Sky; Kashi Interfaith Ashram; Community of Living Ethics; Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre, Sri Lanka; Bethlehem Centre.