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Impressions of a Climate [CCC19 Wrap Up]

May 1, 2019 By Samantha Halitzer

After a boisterous week of the Climate Change & Consciousness Conference at The Park at Findhorn, it feels to me as though the community is settling back into itself. The large, white conference tents have come down and the particular combination of excitement and chaos is dissipating as we return to life as usual. The softness that I sense with the trees and plant life is coming back into focus, and I can easily connect once more with the essence of peace I feel in the Original Garden. It makes me wonder what it meant to have this conference in this specific location.


Awake. Celebrate. Act. Was the theme of the conference

In the true spirit of Findhorn, no two opinions are alike. In fact, they seem to be drastically different. Though what remains here is an unusual capacity to live in harmony amidst disagreement. Climate change is a heated topic (get the global warm pun?), as it elicits fear in so many of us. It also provokes us to inquire into a sense of truth. Can we trust scientists to give us a full picture of what’s happening to our planet? Of course we can! But, maybe we can’t. Is it too late? It’s never too late! But, maybe it is this time. So, what do we do? Who can we trust?


The spirit of Findhorn teaches us to go within to our essence, to partner with the consciousness of the Earth and take action in love. We may have vastly different thoughts about how to move forward, and even strong differences as to what we’re moving forward from. Though, when we look within and attune to our environment, what can we sense?


Perhaps we are indeed on the brink of an environmental world catastrophe, but Findhorn was built on barren land with no realistic promise for growth. There are many of us here who sense that our world may be facing something similar on a much grander scale. I believe the role of Findhorn is to remind us not only to look to our external world for messages, but to the quality of our connection to the land, a vast intelligence that transcends the dimensionality of the reality in front of our eyes.

Conference presenter Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq using his wind drums


While we work hard to improve the world around us in many practical ways: reforestation, activism, green building, etc, how can we retain a sense of hope that all is ultimately well, and that we are part of a cycle of interconnected consciousness? That is the power of place that Findhorn can offer. We all have a role to play, and the conference brought us wisdom from speakers such as Jonathon Porrit, Vandana Shiva, & Charles Eisenstein, as well as speakers from indigenous cultures around the world reminding us that there are many ways to consciously connect with the earth. The combination of such wisdom with the transformational consciousness of the Findhorn Foundation offers a particularly special meeting point for many ways of being and modes of thought. The issue of climate change is vast, but the most essential thing we have to offer is our true essence.


To experience the conference, you can watch the livestream here on playback.

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