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Co-Creative Spirituality Contest Winner

September 7, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Co-Creative Spirituality Contest Winner

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Co-Creative Spirituality free seat contest: Maria Angeli, from Greece! She will be joining us with all conference costs covered, thanks to the sponsorship of Inner Traditions Press and Findhorn Press. Thank you to all who entered and to Maria for being willing to share her extraordinary story.

Coexisting with all of you in Findhorn community again, even for one week only, shall fill me up with insights and inspirations so as to move on and apply the wisdom to myself, the Greek condition and the people around me within the vibration of affirmative and benevolent spirit. I am also certain that my experience shall facilitate building strong human relationships and friendships, appreciation and love, connection with the unseen/seen worlds.
I always learn from Findhorn community, just by being with you, breathing the same air you all breathe. I am sincerely grateful for the benefits you have been offering to people all over the planet during the years.
I look forward to meeting you all and sharing moments of inspiration and wisdom..

About myself:

When in my life I happily reached the point of realising my connection to the Whole, the Holon, I dedicated a lot of work with the Self, so as to reach a clear picture in my head and heart about the actions needed on my behalf in order to express and manifest as clearly and holistically as possible my presence and contributions upon this planet. From my early school years onwards, especially during the last twenty years, I see myself as an ACE in the contemporary world, an Agent of Conscious Evolution, honouring teachers, social innovators, everyday people who inspire me and inviting them to move and dance the precious journey of life together. Travels and visual arts, art curatorships, museum education, group singing, games, music and dance have always fascinated me deeply and supported my everyday choices. Their unity qualities not only have always kept me good company but also empowered me, my research and practices.

I am grateful that during the last years I fully replied to my inner call

I am grateful that during the last years I fully replied to my inner call to coordinate gatherings, workshops, sessions on unity singing and circle dances, honouring sacred and secular traditions of our planet. I am also strongly inspired by my previous Findhorn moments. Through exploring, experiencing and living with other cultures, lands, plants’ & animals’ kingdoms, light entities of the unseen worlds, people, texts, traditions and narrations I have felt an abundance of support.

My Work With Korogonas Ark 3

I have also been working with spiritual counseling and holistic/alternative healing to respond to the need for a holistic approach towards our learning, healing and everyday living. My hestia [hearth] is ‘Korogonas Ark’ eco-community, a sustainable, creative, educational, spiritual community in progress in South Laconia, Greece, of which I am one of the founding members, serving the story of connection in every field of everyday living. I have been living in the land of the community since it took its first steps in the second half of 2012.

Korogonas Ark is an Ark imbued by a large smile, kind aspiration, spirit of cooperation, warm interpersonal relations, spirituality, harmonious connection with the physical environment and the Whole. It is one of the contemporary arks of the planet which take on this responsibility. The place and the implementation of the dream require great effort, resources and love in action. We are willing to continue offering these. I have also been delivering trainings, workshops, one-to-one and group counseling for every age, in Greece and abroad, on peace interactions, the language of connection, awakening to own life purpose and the holistic dynamics of peace food. For more than a decade I have been focusing my energy on people’s personal empowerment, also young people’s, everyday spirituality and the work of building visions and realities of peace communities where ‘every voice matters’. It might constitute one of the tools of contemporary Game Changers in families, neighbourhoods, schools, businesses and communities.

Maria A Angeli

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