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New Year Global Transformation Game – Generating Positive Pathways

New Year Global Transformation Game

New Year Global Transformation Game – Generating Positive Pathways

A special 5-day online Global Transformation Game event

28 December 2021 – 2 January 2022, on Zoom from the Findhorn Community
9am-3:15pm (GMT) with breaks, excluding 31 December

New Year Global Transformation Game – Generating Positive Pathways guiding team:
Joy Drake, Judy McAllister, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis and Yasko Takahashi

Standing on the threshold of a new year is traditionally a time to take stock and look at new directions. It is an auspicious time to harvest our learnings of the past year, to gracefully release what has been accumulating and weighing us down, to invite intuitive guidance to illuminate our path, and to step co-creatively into the emerging future.

New Year Transformation GameThe world lives in each of us, with all its challenges and potentials. We each have the power to engage creatively with those challenges and to generate positive pathways for ourselves and our world in these extraordinary times. We offer this global Transformation Game event via Zoom from the Findhorn Community to help you to find your footing in the shifting landscape and nourish a new beginning for yourself and others at the deepest levels in the coming year.

Imagine using the focused, inspiring setting of a Transformation Game – facilitated by the senior guiding team – to clarify, initiate and ground the changes that are needed both individually and collectively, and to move consciously into 2022.

Each time the Game is played, a purpose is created to give focus to the process. Here is the purpose we will work with in this event:

We intend to access and implement the insights and capacities needed in these times, cultivating wholeness in our engagement with all aspects of our world.

Play will focus around a single path on the floor, with different squares presenting opportunities for interaction, recognition, breakthroughs and miracles. Different players, intuitively chosen at the start of each turn, will focus the play for us. Some of the experience generated by the player will be processed in small break-out groups, some will involve a whole group experience or sharing, and some will involve only the current player.

New Year Global Transformation Game – Generating Positive Pathways, an online global event, is an opportunity, individually and collectively to:

  • call in spiritual assistance to nurture our planetary soul
  • undo the knots in our year, re-root and replenish
  • bring clarity and healing to areas of growth, challenge and change
  • deepen our connection and co-creation with spirit
  • step out of our story into the flow of the moment
  • update our service and the healing we offer to the earth
  • discover the difference our contribution makes
  • open fully to the gifts of grace and enlarge our caring circles
  • recognise the power of elderhood
  • allow, activate and celebrate new vision, new partnerships, and new possibilities!

The expansive, magical setting of this facilitated Game will support you in listening deeply to your inner voice about what is moving through your life so you can step into the emerging future and meet the big unknown with an open heart and the quiet strength of the indwelling presence. As your presence is strengthened and enriched, you will leave the event a brighter light and clearer expression of your soul’s imperative, more equipped to navigate the tides of change and hold the light in this turning point year.

We will start with an introductory session at 9.00am UK time on Tuesday 28 December. This will be followed by an optional session for those who are new to the Transformation Game. On the following days we will be playing from 9am-3:15pm UK time, with breaks. There will be a free day on Friday 31 December. It is important that you participate in all sessions in these 5 days except the optional on the first day.

Previous experience of The Transformation Game is not necessary.

What you will need

New Year Transformation GameThe energetic and technical quality of our online environment will be important, and you will need a reliable internet connection, computer (please do not join by phone as this limits visibility), and the latest version of Zoom. Your device should incorporate a camera, so that you will be visible on-screen to others, and you might need a headset or speakers and a microphone. It will be helpful to join our sessions from a quiet and uninterrupted space, at home. Please note that some parts of this programme may be recorded, excluding conversations in the breakout rooms.

Technical advice and support will be provided to those who are unaccustomed to meeting online, or who are not familiar with the Zoom platform.

We look forward to welcoming you online from the Findhorn Community. If you have any further questions please contact the Transformation Game guiding team at [email protected]



“I found it extremely useful that participants were so honest and engaged deeply with whatever came up. Moreover, the facilitators were absolutely fantastic in the way they were supporting and guiding players and the game overall.”

“I’m very impressed with the quality and depth of the experience they were able to achieve online.”

“I experienced lots of deep new insights, new understandings. I was surprised by the depth we could reach online by ushering the game and due to the great amount of preparation and great facilitation.”


Price – £475
Pay it forward rate – £500
Supported rate – £450

The Pay It Forward price helps support others to attend, the Regular price covers basic costs and enables course development, the Supported price is the minimum cost of the course for those on a low income. If the supported price is out of your reach then please enquire about a bursary.