Kindly note: The community at the Park Ecovillage is not directly affected by the Findhorn Foundation’s announcement, and the vibrant array of activities, organisations, shops, cafe, Universal Hall events, etc continue. The Park Ecovillage remains a thriving and dynamic community. The visitors’ centre continues to operate with dedicated volunteers, providing a warm welcome to all. Visitors are encouraged to explore The Park, the Original Garden, and the rich history that has evolved over the past six decades. Your presence and curiosity are greatly valued and welcomed.

13 September 2023

Dear Community of Light,

Bookings have now come to a close, marking the final chapter of workshops within the Findhorn Foundation’s current configuration. The last workshop is scheduled to conclude on September 22, 2023.

The encouraging news is that the community, businesses, the Universal Hall and the visitor’s centre at Ecovillage Findhorn at The Park are flourishing. Erraid isle community, our semi-autonomous satellite centre is still welcoming guests for retreats and ‘Work is Love in Action’ weeks.

You can contact them directly [email protected] or visit their website.

At the Findhorn Foundation, we are actively engaged in planning for the future, dedicated to discovering new avenues to fulfil our mission.

For additional information and insights, please refer to our FAQ page, which offers a more comprehensive understanding of the changes underway.

In this moment of transition, we express our profound gratitude to all who have been co-creators of the Foundation’s journey. You are the heartbeat of our community, and your contributions, whether as volunteers, colleagues, donors, supporters, Resource People, Fellows, workshop and course facilitators, or participants, have been instrumental in co-creating a global transformative learning centre. Your impact has left an indelible mark in the hearts of everyone touched by the Findhorn Foundation’s work.

As we navigate this transformative passage, we carry your energy, love, and dedication with us. Together, we’ve built something extraordinary, and even as we reshape our future, the essence of the Findhorn Foundation lives on within us all.

With heartfelt gratitude and warm regards,

From all of us at the Findhorn Foundation

Findhorn Foundation Undertaking Tough Transition to Secure Financially Sustainable Future

The Findhorn Foundation has today (26 July 2023) announced that it is no longer financially viable in its current configuration. The Foundation is proposing to cease educational operations by the end of September 2023 and will engage in a consultation process which may result in around 50 staff being at risk of redundancy.

After meeting the charity’s financial commitments, trustees hope to continue the Foundation’s mission and vision in 2024 under a new and sustainable operating model as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

The Foundation would like to stress that:

  • Findhorn Bay Holiday Park will continue to operate as normal with no change to bookings or availability
  • Businesses at the Park (including the Phoenix shop, Phoenix Cafe, New Findhorn Directions and the Universal Hall) will continue to operate

Chief Executive of the Findhorn Foundation, Terence Gilbey, said:

“This is a very challenging time for the Findhorn Foundation, and particularly for our colleagues who are potentially at risk of redundancy. We will be supporting them in every way we can during this period. Recent years have presented many challenges, with Brexit impacting our visitors and volunteers, Covid closing our operations for many months, on-site fires taking our ability
guests at the Park Ecovillage, and finally the huge hike in energy bills keep our buildings running.

“Our finances have been in decline over a long period with increased strain caused by the pandemic and, although we have already been through multiple restructuring processes, those measures alone were not enough to stabilise the charity’s finances. Since the late 80s and early 90s we have sold non-core assets to cover our losses but, unfortunately, that is not a solution. The steps we are taking now will, we hope, give us the opportunity to develop a new structure and operating model which will give us the best chance for a more financially sustainable future.”

Chair of the Trustees, Mark Anderson, added:

“This will be upsetting news for many and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone around the world who will be saddened by this, and particularly to all our staff, who will be most directly affected. We will be doing our utmost to support them during this difficult time, and working with our local and global community to properly and successfully navigate these challenges in a way which brings compassion and kindness to everyone affected, and which allows us to acknowledge and celebrate the decades of passion, hard work and achievement of the Foundation and Community.

“Although we do not believe there is a viable way forward in our current configuration, we do not see this as the end of our vision and mission. After reviewing and restructuring education activities, and subject to appropriate approvals and regulatory oversight, we hope that the new SCIO can emerge next year with a new way forward which will be both financially viable and have significant impact and public benefit in the world.”

The Findhorn Foundation intends to sell non-core assets at The Park to the community or other organisations which are aligned with the Foundation’s purpose, and will support community organisations to take ownership.

New Findhorn Directions (NFD), the Foundation’s trading subsidiary, will continue to manage rentals and utilities for Park residents and the Titleholders Association will continue their work of oversight management of the site.


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