Step into the Future with Confidence and Clarity

We would love you to join us on Zoom on THURSDAY 27 JANUARY 5:30-6:30pm UK / 12:30pm EST / 9:30am PT

for a FREE MASTERCLASS led by expert facilitator, Robin Alfred, who will share some core principles of “Leading from the Future’ and guide you through a powerful exercise to harvest insights about a question you are walking with.

What to Expect

In this Masterclass Robin will introduce the core elements and principles of leading from the future and a powerful exercise to deepen our capacity to relate to events that might appear in the ‘world outside’ but need to be felt and experienced ‘inside’. Technology makes a lot of news available to us. How do we develop a fully embodied capacity to respond, rather than a more mental capacity to react? To effectively lead from the future we need to sense, in an embodied way, what the future is calling us to. This Masterclass will enable you to do just that!

The exercise will develop the capacity in each of us to generate a fully embodied response to events in the world, and thus to know our calling in our body, heart and mind.

“Leading from the Future – apart from being a really lovely experience – has given me a suitcase full of tools to use. Helping me make space to hear ‘the inaudible whispers of the future.” understanding that I am the barrier to this, has been the key and Robin’s thoughtful guidance through the various exercises has resourced me on my never- ending journey to find what the future holds for me.”

Jayn Sterland, CEO, Weleda U.K.

“Robin Alfred does something very special. He embodies, shares and guides in what it means to be a true leader. Masterfully he naturally conducted. A safe, conducive and clear space formed and connections happened. Connections within and beyond the imagination. Beautifully we all experienced what true leadership is, for now and for the future as it emerges. Practically and pragmatically. I attended Leading From the Future with neither expectation nor assumption, knowing that it would be special. It WAS.”

Martin Knox

Free Taster

This is a standalone event and you’ll gain a huge amount from joining us… It’s also a taster for our six-month Leading From the Future programme, where we’ll be having a lot of fun with each other discovering:

  • How to Innovate in teams and organisations
  • How to be clear about our intention
  • Learning to be really present
  • The catalysing power of intention

If you’re interested in the six month online course:

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