Those drawn to your programmes have become soul family. It has taken lifetimes to find each other and finding each other, we are.

T.B. – participant on one of Katherine’s programmes

Contribute to the seeding of the new earth

In a world full of challenges, how can we know where to focus our attention or how to make a difference?

This online community experience will strengthen your capacity to bring about the changes our world needs, offering a set of tools and practices to build a positive, life affirming relationship with yourself and the earth.

Explore the spiritual foundations of the Findhorn Community as a practical approach to daily living

When grounded in our connection to spirit we are guided in every moment, whatever the circumstances. When in touch with the intelligence of all life forms – visible and invisible – a world of possibilities opens before us.

When we are centred, we can better understand how to move through the planetary shadow of this time. We will explore the changes that happen in the birth of a new consciousness – a purpose that Findhorn strives to serve and demonstrate- and why it continues to resonate with so many today.

Together in this course we will build trust in our inner knowing, move from overwhelm to inspiration, enhance resilience, foster the spirit of connectedness and community, and harness our gifts to make a positive contribution.

Group project at Cullerne Gardens on an autumn day
Candle surrounded by flowers at a group attunement with chair in the background

The role of Findhorn is to help humanity turn within and be part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.


Eileen Caddy, Vision of Findhorn
co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation

Embark on this inner journey and discover:


This course will help to embrace community together, wherever you are living. By exploring the wisdom, teachings and practices as one large group, in smaller groups and personal sharing we will collectively enquire how community can encompass our personal values and unique strengths. There will be reflective exercises, journalling, and sharing of group dynamics, the interpersonal and individual challenges for living in harmony with others.



Each two-hour session will start with a meditation and reading from one of the founders of the Findhorn Community, complemented by current teachings and poems etc. to emphasise their relevance today. The weekly teaching focus will be accompanied by visual slide decks to inspire and integrate learnings and insights, along with space for reflection.



Katherine and Roger will co-host all eight sessions and invite selected guest teachers to join the exploration. They will share their spiritual learning and understanding of the spiritual impulse behind Findhorn, and offer a platform to empower others to share their experience, thus, co-creating a wellspring / fountain of collective knowledge and learning.


Contemplative knowledge is now more widely known, and verifies what the founders of Findhorn were sharing over 60 years ago. Signposts for people to further explore will be offered, including a resources list eg. Cynthia Bourgeault: The Wisdom Way of Knowing and the work of David Spangler through his research and teaching of Incarnational Spirituality.



How do we walk our talk and become an example beyond spiritual ideals and aspiration? Bridging and healing the divide between vision and action is vital and at the core of Findhorn’s teaching. Awareness of how pervasive the split is between what I’d like my life to be and how I act, is a first step in manifesting wholeness.

Deepen your understanding and connection with the spiritual teachings of the Findhorn Community with Katherine and Roger Collis

Every Wednesday Online,
5-7pm UK time,
8-week course starting 1 February

Price: £290

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If this is a financial challenge, you’re welcome to apply for financial assistance through our Education Support Fund

Inside the Nature Sanctuary at the Findhorn Foundation

Inner Listening

Wednesday 8th February

Aligning to the Sacred. Connecting to our inner wellspring of knowing, a wealth of inspiration for guidance and decision making. Experiencing the unifying power of turning within to the source of all life. Exploring the value of group meditation.

Park Garden with Yuko and Ash

Co-Creation with Nature

Wednesday 15th February

Learning how to collaborate with the innate intelligence of the natural world. Being in relationship with the non-physical domains of life while discovering new partnerships born from these connections.

Love in Action gate sign to Original Garden

Love in Action

Wednesday 22nd February

Expressing love and gratitude in all aspects of everyday life. Opening the connections of flow between self and others. Transforming environments by bringing the power of love into all that we do. Enhancing our capacity to be good stewards of our physical world, our surroundings and each other.

People at an attunement in a circle in Cullerne Garden in the sun


Wednesday 1st March

Attunement as a practice to bring us into alignment with our purpose before taking outer action. Being in resonance with deeper currents present in our lives and in group settings.



Wednesday 8th March

Working with the formative forces of life that bring our visions and dreams into manifestation. Clarifying intention and purpose, trusting our needs will be met. Being a source of creation to help shape the world we want. Calling forth the power of creation.

Full moon in a pink sky over blooming gorse in the dunes

The Personal Work: Meeting the Planetary Shadow

Wednesday 15th March

Discerning the challenges of planetary transformation and their impact on our personal lives. Meeting unresolved energies in ourselves and the world.

Understanding the processes of change and the tension of giving birth to the new. Practices for healing and bringing wholeness to conflict and division.

The Community on our 60th birthday, in the CC Garden

Building Healthy Community: Calling In Our Future

Wednesday 22nd March

Embodying the consciousness of community. Forming collaborative relationships, learning to think and engage in new ways. Navigating the challenges of group life. Relationships and community as laboratories of learning and spiritual practice. Next steps beyond this course.

Be nourished and inspired by the wisdom at the heart of the Findhorn Community

This course is for you if you:

  • want a deep grounding in the art of inner listening
  • are keen to understand how a new consciousness can evolve
  • have always wanted to experience Findhorn and have been unable to visit in person
  • want to strengthen your ability to co-create in the moment and move beyond reaction, fear, survival and overwhelm
  • yearn to participate and feel supported by non-physical dimensions of life
  • are keen to enhance your inner resilience and develop skills in bridging conflict
  • feel drawn to be of service with commitment and intentionality
  • want the ability to sustain conscious practices in daily life
  • are called to serve the spirit of healing and unity in this time
  • feel part of the Findhorn Community (local and global) and want to deepen an application of your spiritual wisdom
Group of people in a circle outside in nature having attunement

Join Katherine and Roger Collis on Wednesday 1 February at 5pm as we embark on this inner journey. Check your local time zone here.

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The programme includes weekly two-hour sessions over eight consecutive weeks with optional homework assignments and group participation in between the sessions to deepen the learning process. Recordings and resources will also be made available.

Roger and Katherine Collis

Katherine and Roger Collis

Roger and Katherine Collis have been associated with Findhorn for over 50 years since living there in the early 1970s. During that time they married, started their family and worked closely with the founders.

Upon leaving Scotland they moved to the United States as part of the founding of the Lorian Association – a sister organisation to the Findhorn Foundation. They are Findhorn Fellows, with Roger being a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation for 14 years.

Living in California, they partner in mentoring groups and individuals and have taken their Findhorn experiences and applied them internationally, in business, government, education and within the nonprofit sector. They have two grown daughters and continue to share the importance of Findhorn in the world with humour and humility.

Katherine has a background in adult education, gerontology, human and spiritual development and is currently a spiritual counsellor, teacher and retreat leader. Roger is passionate about building structures and systems that support the emergence of new consciousness that hold a positive vision for the future. He works within the framework of the significant challenges, personal and collective, of adjusting to new ways of living in a regenerative planetary community, an expanded set of relationships that also includes Gaia and the multiple intelligences inhabiting non-physical realms of life.


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Your session with us was as much a work of art as it was a session of wisdom level teaching. If my breakout group was any example, your choice of stories and information stirred responses below easy rational levels with a quality of authenticity present in what they each said.


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