Guidance from Eileen Caddy

All Is Movement; Nothing Remains Static

All is movement; nothing remains static. Many times I have reminded you of this and you have seen it all so clearly, the ever-changing patterns of life like a glorious kaleidoscope. Then there are other times when nothing at all seems to be happening and everything seems static and stuck in a rut and you have allowed yourself to become downhearted and depressed. At these times it is a good thing to look back and really see what has happened, say in the last year, for when you stop and do this you will be simply astounded at what has taken place. But because you have been so close to what has been happening you have failed to evaluate it and see it in its true perspective. Then when you take time and stop and look around, you see that really nothing has been standing still really; everything has been changing all the time. You cannot see the actual opening up of a rose but it unfolds so slowly and unobtrusively, one day its a tight bud and the next day without any seeming movement, it is a glorious bloom.

25 December 2015

One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community, Eileen Caddy, received guidance from the "still, small voice within" and shared it with others in the community for more than 40 years until she passed away in 2006. Today we continue this tradition by printing her guidance - as relevant today as it was when she received it - in the community's weekly newsletter and by sharing it with the wider world by email.