Guidance from Eileen Caddy

There Must Be Balance In All Things And At All Times

Life is a constant giving and receiving, a constant inhaling and exhaling of the Breath of Life. You could not spend your entire time inhaling without exhaling any more than you could spend your time giving without receiving. When life ceases to be a two-way thing it dries up and dies away. Every soul has to learn to live a life, and group living brings this out very clearly. No soul can live entirely for themselves, they have to learn to live for others and with others. There has to be a constant giving and receiving on all levels for perfect peace and harmony to be maintained. As each one finds their rightful place and pulls their weight, so everything gets done. It would no more do for a soul to sit in meditation all day, not lifting a finger to help with the practical side of group living, than to go on working without the balance of the deep inner life. There must be balance in all things and at all times.

9 January 2015

One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community, Eileen Caddy, received guidance from the "still, small voice within" and shared it with others in the community for more than 40 years until she passed away in 2006. Today we continue this tradition by printing her guidance - as relevant today as it was when she received it - in the community's weekly newsletter and by sharing it with the wider world by email.