Guidance from Eileen Caddy

You Can Do It And You Are Doing It

There is no stress or strain in nature: a seed goes through its full cycle, it does not have to do anything, it just allows it all to happen. When a snake changes its skin, it slowly wiggles out of its old one. A bird cracks open its shell and emerges completely transformed, it grows wings and can fly – it is free, free, free! That is what is waiting to happen to you. A new freedom, a new joy, a whole new world is waiting to open for you when you are willing to move out of those restrictive ways, thoughts and ideas and be transformed. You can do it and you are doing it. It is all beginning to take place.

8 January 2010

One of the co-founders of the Findhorn Community, Eileen Caddy, received guidance from the "still, small voice within" and shared it with others in the community for more than 40 years until she passed away in 2006. Today we continue this tradition by printing her guidance - as relevant today as it was when she received it - in the community's weekly newsletter and by sharing it with the wider world by email.