What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Friend,

Nature is reminding us here that the holiday season is getting closer. The Findhorn bay is beginning to breathe mist over the dunes in the mornings. The forests are shimmering with red and gold, full of a still awareness as the trees rest before moving their attention into their roots for the winter.

It is a delight to turn inward here with nature, reminiscing over a mug of tea in the cosiness of Cluny lounge or speaking from the heart over an organic meal with friends in the Community Centre. If you have not yet experienced the richness of being in Findhorn during the inward season, then I warmly encourage you to have a look at our Christmas and New Year programmes below. They are times of deep holding where you will be able to look back on your journey, celebrate, share and mindfully plant seeds for the future.

I hope the glorious, expansive stillness of this moment here reaches you as you read this, wherever you are in the world.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

A Christmas Retreat
21–27 December

Looking for some quiet time over Christmas, yet wanting to feel connected in community? During this darkest time of this year when everything in nature is still, we too can feel the need for a quiet space in which to reflect or perhaps just hibernate. We can at the same… (read more)

New Year Celebration – Crossing the Threshold
28 December – 3 January 2017

This week provides an opportunity to consciously step over the threshold into a new year. There will be a mix of community celebration through song, dance, creativity and ritual, while also allowing time for a journey of self-reflection, connecting with the stillness ever… (read more)

Walking the Amazonian Shamanic Path
7–13 January 2017

Kurikindi, an indigenous Kichwa Amazonian shaman, leads this exploration of Amazonian shamanic practices for healing and bringing deeper connection with ourselves and the world of nature. Born in Ecuador to a traditional shamanic family, he brings a lifetime of… (read more)

Jeff Olsen: Choosing Joy for a Transformational Life
15–17 April 2017 (3 days)

Join this extraordinary journey of healing and deepening connection with the divine, accompanied by Near Death Experiencer and international presenter Jeff Olsen. In 1997 Jeff experienced a devastating automobile accident that killed his wife and young son… (read more)

Robert Holden: Abundance and the Enneagram
27–29 May 2017 (3 days)

Abundance and the Enneagram is a three day course in which you will work with the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram to undo inner blocks to abundance and open up to inspiration, grace and prosperity. Join Robert Holden in magical Findhorn for a spiritual… (read more)

Celebrating the Network of Light:
This month we would like to highlight The Haven, a centre for transformative learning located on beautiful Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada. It offers programmes in the art and science of living well, together. Have a look at their flagship programme Come Alive – an invitation to live your life to the fullest. Come Alive is an opportunity to revitalise your life, discover, activate your resources and realise your full potential. In it you will find ways to experience deeper, more loving relationships, gain insight into your health and well-being and move beyond your self-imposed limitations.
7 November 2016