Survival of the most loving…

Hello everyone

There are so many political, economic, social and environmental challenges causing polarisation and fear right now, that this phrase ‘survival of the most loving’ from Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief reminds me of the sort of world I want to be part of. And happy 54th birthday on 17 November to the Findhorn Foundation and Community and to you, our global community, for our continuing commitment to co-creating a world that works for all.

Global Oneness Day on 24 October was also a symbolic step in the direction of such a world, asking us to collectively awaken beyond the illusion of separation. Great that we can all join in such positive initiatives when the news insists on feeding us stories of hatred and violence.

FFBrochure2017I’m delighted to announce that the Foundation’s contribution to collective awakening, in the form of our 2017 brochure, is now online here.

Have a browse to see the amazing variety of experiences, learning and connection on offer – Experience Weeks and ways to stay on as part of the community, inexpensive service weeks, programmes on meditation, Permaculture Design certification, retreat weeks on the sacred Isle of Iona, Celtic Festival weeks on the wild and remote Isle of Erraid, Games of Transformation, Interspecies Communication, Conscious Golf, a Bee Symposium, Biodanza, Dervish turning… and that’s just a brief taste… wow! I rather like the sound of Caroline Myss’ Guts and God in November 2017.

The Foundation’s Annual Report is also now online – a great way to get an overview of all our activities in the world.

I’m in Italy right now, where I visited and was inspired by The Community of Living Ethics near Città della Pieve. So wonderful to feel the warmth of the global community of which we are all part. Writing this email gives me that same sense of kinship as I imagine some of you crunching through piles of golden leaves, while others enjoy spring blossoms or tropical heat. We are, after all, a community of consciousness and the diversity of our daily realities makes it all the richer. The internationality of the community at Findhorn and in cyberspace is one of its most important attractions for me.

ChernobylKids1 ChernobylKids2

The children from Chernobyl in Cullerne garden

The summer here is always particularly international with many foreign language Experience Weeks – great to see so many French people with us this year. We also welcomed researchers from Indonesia interested in bio-diversity and water remediation, MSc Students from the University of Edinburgh doing a course in Environmental Management, young people from France, The Gambia, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, UK and USA for School of Youth (in partnership with Active Earth), 24 children from Chernobyl for time in Cullerne Gardens and lunch in the Community Centre (in partnership with Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Moray), many global and local people to our highly successful and deeply touching Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference and a big audience for the third TEDx event co-sponsored by the Foundation with speakers from The Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Scotland.

A highlight for me was the 53 international campaigners, investors, lawyers and journalists from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and UK who met in September to focus the corporate, investment and environmental sectors on how we can move beyond the barriers preventing the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It delights me to see the combination of heart, good intention, specialist knowledge, global influence and people power coming to Findhorn to accelerate change in this time of systemic collapse.

New Story Summit, September 2014

New Story Summit, September 2014

With a similar agenda, the New Story Follow-on Group is working to develop webinars to deepen the key themes of the New Story film – to enable a fully participatory, large-scale engagement for a global audience. In line with our overall education strategy, this will be in partnership with other centres and global experts, including our very own Findhorn Fellows. Watch this space!

Please note that the Young Persons Initiative has now come to an end after running for the last 12 months. More than 80 young people who might not have been able to afford it otherwise came to join us for Experience Week. We continue to explore ways we can attract more people between 18 and 25 and particularly support them to stay longer. Please note that young people and people of all ages can continue to apply for a bursary.

(With the recent birth of twins to a Foundation co-worker and the many toddlers bringing fun and exuberance to community life, we have no problem with this younger age group.)

NatureLand155I can’t believe it’s already November and many of us are thinking ahead to solstice/new year time. I will be in Australia but if you are wanting a wonderful, wintry, quiet space in which to reflect or hibernate while also joining our community celebrations and rituals, A Christmas Retreat is for you, either in Findhorn or on the sacred island of Iona.

You’re spoiled for choice for new year – dance, song, music and silence at Findhorn; a more traditional retreat in Findhorn or on Iona; or a 7-day Game of Transformation to begin the year grounding your own deep intention. For all four programmes see here.

And finally, an impassioned invitation from one of our young people: Come to Findhorn 11 Feb – 10 Mar 2017 to do an immersive month of Applied Ecovillage Living (certified Ecovillage Design Education by Gaia Education and UNESCO) to explore and deepen your relationship to self, others and the world. Help to co-create a regenerative culture that connects and serves everyone, including you! We are the re-Generation!

On that lively note everyone at Findhorn, from cheeky children to wise elders, sends you love and light and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

3 November 2016