What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Ones,

Near neighbour to the wild freshness of the Findhorn river, gorse dune-labyrinths, sweeping Moray Firth vistas, one of the most successful ecovillages in the world and the Global Ecovillage Network, Findhorn is a good place to find inspiration for living in greater intimacy with nature and knowledge about how to do so.

This month I want to highlight our Applied Ecovillage Living programme because it is one of the key ways we pass on this community’s rich harvest of ecological knowledge and wise ways of living in love with our earth. I invite you to take a look for yourself, and also share with others who might be interested in finding a deeper connection with themselves and the planet.

Additionally, as always, you’ll find here a cornucopia of workshops, spiritual retreats and events to bring you connection, inspiration and transformation on your life’s journey.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

Applied Ecovillage Living
11 February 2017 — 10 March 2017 (28 days)

Experience directly the interwoven tapestry of the Findhorn Foundation community – a pioneering ecovillage dedicated to co-creation with spirit and nature. The surrounding community/ecovillage is now well integrated into the local bioregion and engages… (read more)

Walking the Amazonian Shamanic Path
7 — 13 January 2017

Kurikindi, an indigenous Kichwa Amazonian shaman, leads this exploration of Amazonian shamanic practices for healing and bringing deeper connection with ourselves and the world of nature. Born in Ecuador to a traditional shamanic family, he brings a lifetime of… (read more)

Jeff Foster: The Way of Rest
21–23 January 2017 (three days)

How can we find the calm in the midst of the storm of our busy lives? How can we rest deeply, even as the ground falls from beneath our feet, even as our hearts break open and our dreams turn to dust? How can we stop running away from our pain, our grief, our… (read more)
Living a Life Less Toxic
28 January – 3 February 2017

Join empowerment coach, author, nutritional specialist and self-love lover Faith Canter for a week of healing the toxicity in our lives. Together we will learn hands on techniques for living a life less toxic in mind, body, home and environment. Faith will explain in depth the… (read more)
Life Purpose
4–10 March 2017

This key and long-running Findhorn workshop provides a space for you to connect more consciously with your deepest motivation for being in life. A variety of creative, meditative and practical exercises help you connect with the stream of intuitive information available… (read more)
This month we would also like to celebrate a fellow community, Embercombe, in Devon, England. With a mission “to be a powerful and innovative catalyst for the emergence of leaders and change agents who will take courageous action for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world” the community draws on native American wisdom. Have a look at their list of workshops here.
3 October 2016