What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Ones,

Our Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference brought with it an atmosphere of beginnings and possibilities. Some of the conference workshops were for rebirthing, in which participants experience again what it was like to be born. In a process that often permanently changes how people feel in their own skin, people are re-welcomed into the world with deep love and awareness.

This is one of many expressions of the spiritual awakening process this community supports. Workshops, retreats, events and above all daily life here help participants and members find what we need to open to greater wholeness, connection and blessing for the world. Sometimes, as with rebirthing, a single week can create permanent change in our felt sense of life.

Below, and in our calendar of events are many opportunities to engage in the work of transforming ourselves and our world. I invite you have a look and find what might be the next step in your own journey.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

Spiritual Deepening: Living from Purpose and Soul
12 November – 9 December (28 days)

“Be still, go within, and draw forth the priceless treasures within you.” – Eileen Caddy
Join us on this four-week journey of engaging with your inner knowing. Spiritual Deepening is an invitation to step back from everyday life and immerse yourself in the transformational field of this place. Over 50 years of living by the principles of inner listening, co-creation… (read more)

The Alchemy of Transformation
12–18 November

This hybrid workshop combines two proven tools for uplifting consciousness — the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage®. It offers participants an opportunity to follow the emerging impulse seeking expression in their lives, and make a graceful shift into new ways of being that are infused with aliveness. During four days of playing the Transformation… (read more)

Advanced Sacred Dance Training
19–25 November

This programme is designed for Sacred Dance teachers and experienced dancers who want to learn new dances, deepen their understanding of the dance and expand their teaching skills. An approach to choreography will be presented and dancers will create a dance during the week. Participants should bring with them a piece of music that they love… (read more)

At Play in the Dimension of Change – An Intuitive Approach to Hatha Yoga
10–16 December

The practice of yoga is a physical exploration, from within, of the dynamic relationships between body, mind and breath. It is deeply personal and radically transformative. Especially in this approach, we develop the ability to listen and work with our body, learning to let go of the urge to train and control. This asks for honesty and accuracy, always… (read more)

Christmas and Solstice Programmes

Starting Wednesday, 21 December

A Christmas Retreat
Looking for some quiet time over Christmas, yet wanting to feel connected in community? During this darkest time of… (read more)
Solstice and Christmas Retreat – on Iona
Away from the hustle and bustle of shopping centres and Christmas dinners we take time to go within… (read more)

Starting Wednesday, 28 December

New Year Celebration – Crossing the Threshold
This week provides an opportunity to consciously step over the threshold into a new year. There will be a mix of community celebration through song, dance, creativity and ritual… (read more)
New Year Retreat – on Iona
A space to stop and pause for inner reflection on Iona, moving into the new aligned with clarity and purpose… (read more)

New Year’s Retreat – Turning Within and Moving Forward
The long nights and the transition between years invite us to take time out, listen deeply within and look at where we stand in our lives… (read more)
The Game of Transformation (7 Day Game)
This is the original version of the Transformation GameĀ®. It differs from the box game that you may know in that it is more complex and multi-levelled… (read more)
7 September 2016