Loving what is…

Hello everyone

It has been an interesting few months, to say the least, with many opportunities to engage with the challenge of ‘loving what is’. With a backdrop of Brexit, crumbling political and economic systems (a prerequisite to a new story?), an ongoing refugee crisis (or opportunity) and seemingly endless events of pain and violence across the world, (not to mention the difficult things that face each one of us in our daily lives), it feels even more important that, since I last wrote to you, the Foundation has held so many brilliant events, bringing people together in a spirit of loving kindness and regenerative community building.

Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song 2016

Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song 2016

I imagine that many of you have been feeling the full range of emotions as the global situation unfolds: shock, excitement, instability, horror, optimism, instability, compassion, fear, love… we are living in dramatic times. At Findhorn we’re very clear that while on one level ‘all is very, very well’ as our co-founder Eileen Caddy used to say, we are in the business of evolving consciousness. I know that this is about every choice I make in my own life. If I, you, we make the loving choice every day, even when it’s challenging, human culture can’t help but change. For me, this is planetary service, pure and simple… service to something greater than my own small self and my individual needs. Seeing my place in the bigger picture gives my life meaning and purpose, and so I feel expanded and connected with you all.

So what has happened here recently to keep me resilient and full of life force? Over 150 people came to learn more about Gene Keys as a way of supporting personal growth; 80 gathered in the Hall for an inspiring 40th Anniversary Planetary Game with many messages of global revelation, interconnection, the power of the subtle worlds and ‘strength in vulnerability'; 160 (including groups from South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Italy) joined us for a truly expansive, heart-opening 40th Anniversary Festival of Music, Dance and Song (I KNOW we danced some peace into the world!); a second TEDx was held, attracting many from the local area; lovely women from Chile, Costa Rica, Slovenia and western Europe honed their English skills as part of our community in Cluny; the corporate world met academics met NGOs met performing artists met young change-makers at the eighth Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability; CNN International, the world’s most widely distributed news channel, filmed aspects of The Park as part of its Going Green programme; and CNBC also spotlighted the community – have a look at two minutes of aerial footage of The Park, thanks to editor Paul Izzard. For the full CNN/CNBC story and links to the programmes visit our website here.

More from the Festival... SDF2016-4

More from the Festival… (click on image to enlarge)

It’s very easy to love what is happening with our recently released film, An Enquiry into A New Story for Humanity: Change the Story, Change the World, which you can still watch here. Films for Action has spotlighted the film at the top of its list of ’15 Films to Spread the New Story Revolution’ and we’ve also topped its list of ’90 Inspiring and Visionary Films That Will Change How You See the World in Profound Ways’. AND we’ve been invited to submit the film to the 2017 Auroville Film Festival under the category of ‘Films which Develop the Theme of Human Unity’.

If you’d like to host a screening for your community or interest group you can find useful tips on our Film site here. The film is now available with French subtitles thanks to the generous gifting of Camille Bierens de Haan. To view the film visit the New Story Hub website here and to turn on the French subtitles, click the ‘CC’ button and select Fran├žais.

Soon to follow are subtitles in Chinese, Danish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. If you’d like to gift a translation in your own language, please get in touch. We are particularly interested in Hindi, Arabic and Russian translations so everyone can join the new story impulse.

Doing KP In the fields

Raising the new polytunnel in Cullerne garden

Another hugely meaningful easy-to-love activity happening here is the Findhorn Bay Care Farm – meaningful, fun, farm-based opportunities for people with learning disabilities. We recently had a great afternoon putting up the new polytunnel in Cullerne Gardens so the care farming group can continue growing vegetables throughout the winter. Funding also provided hoodies, rubber boots, gloves and caps for the team. This group, which we are looking to expand, continues to bring much innocence and joy to the community.

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to evolving consciousness our autumn conference is Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth, 3–9 September. Participants and presenters from as far as Bali and Brazil will explore how conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood, as well as the healing of birth trauma in adults, can shift consciousness. It’s also about ‘bringing in the new’ in a more general sense so this is an event for everyone who has a navel! Remember that you can join our live streaming if you can’t get to Scotland. For all information visit Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth.

PeacepoleAnd as part of our commitment to peace we are offering a very special event – Skills for Peacemakers, 5–9 November. What could be more relevant than honing peace skills by working on a self-selected case study, traveling through analyses, scenarios, negotiations, conflict resolution and other steps in your work towards increased outer and inner peace. I can love what is and still want to be part of the change so I plan to participate to improve my own facilitation, negotiation and mediation skills. Let peace begin with me… and you! See you there…

Death, for me, is the ultimate challenge to loving what is. My own mortality looked at me from the mirror when my 95-year-old mother died on 10 June. So sending special loving thoughts to all of you who are in transition from the death of a friend or family member. Blessings on us all.

With love and laughter

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

5 August 2016