What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Ones,

I noticed with gratitude the incredible breadth of events we host in this beautiful corner of the Scottish Highlands. Some (Pathways to the Self, Exploring Reality) take the inner journey as the starting point and some (Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth, Esalen Massage) begin with the outside world. What draws them together, though, is how they all weave a greater wholeness in our world.

I’d like to highlight an upcoming special event, Skills for Peacemakers, that teaches a much-needed way of weaving wholeness. Isabelle Duquesne will be bringing her many years of experience in peace building to this event, which will give practical tools that professionals and others can use to co-create peace on personal and wider levels.

Below and in our calendar of events you’ll find more information on the whole array of our upcoming programmes. I warmly invite you to come experience this world weaving.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

Skills for Peacemakers
5 – 9 November

Meeting the challenge of the times, Isabelle Duquesne will lead this cross-disciplinary training to cultivate the skills that peacemakers will be able to apply effectively. Taking best peacemaking practices from years of conducting trainings, the conference will focus on real-life scenarios and participants’ own current situations… (read more)

Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth (Seven Day Conference)
3 – 9 September

This conference is an inquiry into the transformation of human consciousness through re-visioning how we birth and care for our children. Our earliest experiences as infants set the tone for how we later respond to the world around us. Our capacity to love ourselves… (read more)

Pathways to the Self – A therapeutic and healing journey towards authenticity
The programme consists of six modules spread out over the year, with a two-week start on 1 October 2016 and a completion week in June of the following year.

The purpose of this programme is to transform the relationship with the self/Self. In so doing we deepen into authentic presence and a solid personal container for life. This strengthens the ability to be with whatever arises in the moment. This work on the self is essential as… (read more)

Essentials of Psychosynthesis
8 – 13 October(six days)

Essentials of Psychosynthesis – known as psychology with a soul – is a unique opportunity to further your personal and transpersonal/spiritual journey, whether you intend to embark on a deeper exploration in psychosynthesis or not. Participants have found the experience of… (read more)

Exploring Reality – Living Reality
22 – 24 October(three days)

James Eaton gently yet uncompromisingly guides us towards recognising our original, undivided nature. This is not about achieving some special state, nor about disconnecting from our everyday difficulties and challenges, regarding them as somehow illusory and insignificant… (read more)

Esalen® Massage Programmes at Findhorn

Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen® Massage
8 – 14 October

Esalen® Massage is a unique form of bodywork developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Known for its long integrating strokes, this method creates an experience of deep relaxation, supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal. An overview… (read more)

Deepening Your Presence Through the Healing Art of Esalen® Massage
17 – 21 October

A workshop to serve as a refresher for basic Esalen® Massage techniques and to explore more in-depth strokes and bodywork techniques; for people with at least some experience of practising massage… (read more)

29 July 2016