What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Ones,

Over the next few months, the Planetary Game, the Festival of Sacred Dance, Music & Song and our Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference will draw hundreds of people from all over the world to the Foundation. For me and, I think, for many of us during these turbulent times, they embody ways to transcend the levels of thinking and being that produce discord.

Events like the Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth Conference offer new possibilities in life. Along with our many other programmes, it invites us on a journey of co-creating the world that our hearts are calling us to live in. What could be better for our world at this time? What could be as deeply enjoyable?

Below you’ll find some more opportunities to bring new possibilities into our world and wild, tender, unpredictable joy into your own life.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

Essence and Empowerment
with Stephanie Mines
10 – 16 September

The TARA Approach is an integrative design that fuses Western neuropsychology and a simple meridian based touch system. We live in a world of increasing sensory inundation where identifying and following one’s purposeful inner guidance becomes more and more complicated. The TARA Approach guides you back to your essential purpose, the one you… (read more)

Conscious Conception
10 – 16 September

Our children are our future – through the act of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth we can change the world we live in, as we prepare the way for high frequency beings. Conscious Conception and Conscious Pregnancy are multi-dimensional. Through the act of consciously conceiving our children by connecting with their souls pre-conception, and… (read more)

Loving Living Food
10 – 16 September

This is a journey into personal transformation, with the best compass on Earth: loving living food. When we produce and prepare our food mindfully and with love it has an effect on what we do and think. As our awareness grows, the way we treat our Earth automatically changes. During this week together we will create adventurous, living and organic dishes… (read more)

The Journey of Human Alchemy
24 – 30 September

The embodiment of our intrinsic wholeness is a journey not unlike that described by the ancient art of alchemy. Inviting us to engage with the continuous process of transformation that is guided from deep within, the journey offers an opportunity to utilise the divine spark hidden in our painful experiences for the creation of an awakened state of being. As we… (read more)

Systemic Constellations: Restoring the Natural Flow of Love
1 – 7 October

Is there a natural order of love? And how can we influence the flow of love in the systems we are part of, family, organisational and social? Systemic Constellations is a way of working with collective consciousness to restore the natural flow of love in families and other organisations. Growing out of Bert Hellinger’s pioneering work with Zulu tribal ritual and… (read more)

Schumacher College Programme: Becoming Indigenous
9 September 2016 — 21 July 2017

With residential teachers Colin Campbell, Lucy Hinton, Mac Macartney and Martin Shaw And special guests Pat McCabe, Charles Eisenstein, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, Chris Salisbury, Carolyn Hillyer, Bayo Akomolafe, Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback. This 10 month programme is a deep journey into the question of what it means to be indigenous to our place, our land and our community. Once in the place of home, connected to our birth-rite of belonging, how do we act in the world to create change and support others? 3 month residential followed by supported personal research and mentoring. (Learn more…)
4 July 2016