What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Ones,

The summer officially opened here with a Maypole dance celebrating the role of children in our community and another one that included a lot of delightful flirting. We also welcomed in our subtle relations, acknowledging how we shape the fabric of our lives together.

Celebrating our co-creative relationships is central to who we are as a Foundation, and this month I’ll be celebrating our partners in the work of bringing new possibilities into the world. Below you’ll find links to an offering from Schumacher College in addition to some of our upcoming programmes. We want to celebrate their pioneering work in expanding human consciousness, as well as our other many partners in the network of light – including you!

Take a look at some of our programmes below to see how you can co-create new openings to life this summer at the Findhorn Foundation.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

Interspecies Communication and Nature Immersion
30 July – 5 August

We invite you to come and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of the Moray coast and the embrace of the Findhorn community, while you rediscover your innate ability to communicate with animals, plants and others with whom we share this planet. In this workshop we will provide tools to develop your own telepathic communications… (read more)

Wholebody Focusing
30 July – 5 August

Beneath our stress and trauma lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to move our life situations forward. Invite your power of awareness to awaken this wisdom of the living body through the natural process of Wholebody Focusing. Combining elements of the Alexander Technique with the Focusing… (read more)

Sacred Bee Symposium
6 – 12 August

Embody sacred relationship with the Earth and revel in relationship with nature’s greatest emissary, the honeybee. Immerse yourself in Sacred Beekeeping practice in a week designed around Hive Principles. Offering a deeper look at what historian Andrew Gough calls “The greatest tradition ever lost”… (read more)

Sacred Geography and a New Relationship with the Multidimensional Body of the Earth
20 – 26 August

The present Earth changes with their arising challenges invite us to renew our deep-reaching links with Gaia, the Earth Soul, with her landscapes, with water, plants, minerals, animals and the elemental worlds. The workshop offers practical possibilities to come in touch with different facets of the… (read more)

Speaking Our Truth in Challenging Times: Presence, Dialogue and the Way of Gestalt
29 August – 2 September

Gestalt is more than a psychotherapy/method of organisational consulting/coaching – it is an applied philosophy aimed at supporting us to live the most vibrant, authentic and contact-full life possible. We call this way of living developing ‘presence’. In this workshop you will learn a radical version of ‘presence’… (read more)

Schumacher College Programme: Becoming Indigenous
9 September 2016 — 21 July 2017

With residential teachers Colin Campbell, Lucy Hinton, Mac Macartney and Martin Shaw. This 10 month programme is a deep journey into the question of what it means to be indigenous to our place, our land and our community. Once in the place of home, connected to our birth-rite of belonging, how do we act in the world to create change and support others? (Learn more…)
Emergence of a New World – One Day Conference
21 May

Other partners I am always delighted to share about are Foundation friends David Spangler, Jeremy Berg and Michael Roads, who will be presenting at the Emergence of a New World conference, which will be live streamed. For those of you who live locally, we will be showing it live in the Universal Hall this Saturday from 2:00pm! More information on this event here.
19 May 2016