What’s On at Findhorn

Dear Ones,

A heartfelt Happy New Year to you and may you find throughout it an unfolding into more abundant connection with your true self, with community and with the sacred in all life.

You’ll find our 2016 calendar of events resonant with the energy of beginnings, our Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference setting the tone by inviting us to explore and heal our beginning of life experiences and the profound ways they affect how we treat our world. Special events also celebrate in style the 40th birthday of the Game of Transformation and the 40th anniversary of Sacred Dance‘s arrival in the community. There is plenty more to explore and celebrate, and below you’ll find a few upcoming opportunities to do so.

So at this threshold of the year I invite you to pause, together with our worldwide community and welcome the new beginnings in our lives and in our planet.

Blessings on your journey into 2016,

for the Communications Team

Permaculture Design – For Life
2 – 9 April

This programme reveals how we can apply permaculture design, principles and ethics to life, and in the process create a life that not only reflects our goals and vision but is also deeply fulfilling. Permaculture begins with the individual – with our beliefs, thoughts and ethics – and can be used… (read more)

The Longing to Belong – Listening to the Call of Your Soul
2 – 9 April

Every so often we feel homeless in ourselves, disconnected from the natural world and lacking a sense of purpose and meaning. In a busy world we easily become numb to the call of our soul that guides us to wholeness. During this week we will give ourselves the time to embark on a journey… (read more)

Active Hope: Nourishing our Capacity to Act for Life on Earth
9 – 15 April

Our times confront us with realities that are painful to face and confusing to live with. This week-long workshop aims to strengthen our capacity to respond with Active Hope. Active Hope is a practice. Like Tai Chi or gardening, it is something we do rather than have. It involves actively… (read more)

Embodying Higher Consciousness: Healing the Whole Self
30 April – 6 May

There is an immense acceleration in consciousness available to us. How much do we allow this to permeate through us, so that our different ways of knowing – our somatic sense, our subtle and psychic capacities – become more aligned and integrated as our ground in life? In this intensive… (read more)
Painting and Drawing in Magical Places
16 – 22 April

This is an invitation to come on a rich journey of colours and friendship and to rediscover the beauty of life. Come and learn to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary and to share it in a creative way. Throughout the week we will draw, paint, dance and sing together but no previous… (read more)

As always at Findhorn, there are many more opportunities for growth and exploration. For the full schedule, visit the calendar of events page on our website.

12 January 2016