Hello everyone

I name every year-end email 'Joy to the World' because for me it is a crucial ingredient of life. May the joy of life go viral!

While many of you may be feeling the softness and inner reflection that can come with shortening days and increasing darkness, others are experiencing equatorial humidity and still others among us are glorying in long days of primal light and heat in the southern hemisphere.

Solstice SpiralEspecially at solstice time I love to go beyond notions of north and south to take a global and then a cosmic perspective, feeling the planet in its wholeness, turning in space, in the UNIverse, while at the same time getting on with both the minutiae and the wonder of life in my own neighbourhood.

I am physically in my native Sydney, while my Findhorn Foundation work-life continues – an enviable place to be, straddling the hemispheres. And, as the song goes: 'Be still and know that dark and light are one holy circle'.

The community's much-loved solstice ritual is now over. It is for many the highlight of the year: entering the spiral of winter greens in the Universal Hall, reflecting on the past year, lighting a candle at the centre then walking out of the spiral setting intentions for the new year and choosing an individual angel.

This year the community representative walking the spiral on behalf of us all chose (or was chosen by) the angel of COMMUNICATION to overlight the Findhorn family, wherever we are. Very apt, as I sit typing away, communicating with all 22,000 of you from my heart, imagining the rich diversity of your lives. This quality of communication is also at the heart of what we seek to do at the Foundation: truthful communication with self, mindful communication with each other, and communication and co-creation with the rest of Nature and with the subtle realms.


It's also about communicating and building relationship with all our friends, partners and allies, near and far (an increasingly vast and rich network since the New Story Summit and GEN+20). This includes you, part of our close global family. As the year ends it's important that we communicate huge gratitude for the many ways you all contribute to our collective work in the world – through good wishes, spreading the word, financial support, being a Resource Person, holding us in your thoughts and prayers, introducing us to new networks, participating in our programmes and events … and of course living with awareness, embodying and strengthening the evolution (even revolution!) of consciousness.

2015 has been a challenging year in many ways … and there is much to celebrate – definitely where I prefer to put my energy!

Shoes in Place de la RepubliqueCommunity members have gone to help refugees landing in Lesvos and witnessed enormous love and compassion there, while everyone here gave so generously to support this and the earlier Nepalese crises (which I prefer to call opportunities to practise oneness). And I felt so much hope from the sense of global family present during the recent Paris talks; Findhorn Trustees and Findhorn Fellows who were there felt the same. Nothing was more poignant for me than the global solidarity symbolised by thousands of pairs of shoes left in the Place de la République to mark the climate march that couldn't happen there. And of course many of us did march, in Forres, in Inverness, in Sydney and all over the world.

Looking more locally we're happy to announce that we've extended the subsidised £95 Experience Week for young people (up to 25 years old) till June 2016. So far, 25 young people (six more have booked ahead) from 13 different countries including Brazil, Australia, USA and many parts of Europe, have taken this opportunity, with eight extending their stay. Please let any young people in your area know about this.

If you have a moment, take a look at this brief but brilliant clip about Applied Ecovillage Living happening 13 February to 11 March 2016 (or in weeklong modules).

The Community Centre at The Park looks festive and fabulous, decorated by the wonderful Care Farm Programme, a group of local people with learning disabilities who come every week to work in Cullerne Garden and engage with us in many creative ways. We know the participants in our Christmas and New Year programmes will feel warmly welcomed.

I trust you know you’re very welcome too – either in person, through our livestreaming, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

Wherever you are we hold you in our hearts. Let’s imagine and invoke John Lennon’s ever-appropriate lyrics – “All the people sharing all the world”.

They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m definitely not the only one. With love and laughter … and joy to the world.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team and all Findhorn Foundation co-workers

Seasons Greetings 2015

23 December 2015