Sacred Dance Festival 2016

Dear dancing friends

We are sending you this one-off email because you took part in a Sacred Dance workshop or festival at the Findhorn Foundation in the past.

From 16–22 July 2016 the Findhorn Foundation will celebrate 40 years of Sacred Dance in the community at the Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song and we want to give you an opportunity to engage in different ways to honour this occasion.

Laura Shannon, who many of you will know through her teaching and research writes on behalf of all dancers in the community:

Sacred Dance in Findhorn: 40 years of dancing for group awareness and transformation! Will you share your wisdom?


Nanni Kloke has been invited to the 2016 festival as our guest teacher, as she both channels new dances and, through her link to Bernhard Wosien, connects us with our lineage.

In sacred numerology, the vibration of the number 40 gives creative inspiration and opens new avenues for learning in the spiritual realm. This vibration strengthens energy, harmony and cooperation, to help bring dreams into reality. 40 is a coming of age, a gateway to initiation, which aligns us with the work of building higher consciousness on all levels.

The harmony, cooperation and energy of Sacred Dance can serve in similar ways. The 40th anniversary of Sacred Dance in Findhorn offers all dancers all over the world a chance to fulfill our collective potential and to guide the generations of dancers to come.

As this celebration approaches, I have been reflecting on the immense gratitude I feel for Sacred Dance, and for Findhorn’s special role as a sacred place which has done so much to nurture it and those who pass it on. You too are part of this story.

Every person’s experience of Sacred Dance is uniquely their own: we dance the same dances, but go different places within as we do so. Our variety of experience is one of the great gifts of Sacred Dance, enabling unity within diversity, and spirituality without dogma.

To celebrate this unity and diversity, we invite you to share your stories of Sacred Dance at Findhorn. We will gather them into a Festschrift to honour Sacred Dance as a spiritual practice and Findhorn as a nexus in the network of light linking dance groups everywhere. Any profits from the booklet will be donated to the Sacred Dance Festival Bursary Fund.

Please share your wisdom! We invite you to contribute a short piece (100–300 words) about your experience of Sacred Dance at Findhorn. The act and intention of putting the nonverbal experience of dancing into words helps to bridge the right and left sides of our brains and to bring about the wholeness which our dance circle and dance community affirms.

How has Sacred Dance at Findhorn inspired and guided you? What is your experience of working consciously with Sacred Dance as a tool for group awareness? What have you learned through Sacred Dance which you can articulate for dancers of the future? What is your high dream for the unfolding potential and the future of Sacred Dance?

As Sacred Dance ‘comes of age’ with this 40th birthday, our aim is to help preserve our collective wisdom for those who will come after us. As an Australian aboriginal grandmother in Woodford, Queensland, reminded us in 2001: “We are the ancestors of tomorrow.”

In the words of Hildegard von Bingen: “See and speak. Hear and write. Speak and write what you see and hear.” Please take time to go within and write what you can, to light the way for future dancers with the wisdom of your experience.

Send your offerings via email (in English, German, Spanish, French or Greek) to by 31 December 2015. We look forward to hearing from you.

With love and blessings in the dance, and hoping to dance with you in July.

Laura Shannon and the Findhorn Community Sacred Dance Group

Photo by Hugo Klip, from the 2015 Findhorn Festival of Sacred Dance, Music & Song.

Please pass this invitation on to dancers you may know who have been inspired by Sacred Dance at Findhorn, directly or indirectly. Many people all over the world have been inspired by Sacred Dance, and benefited from the energy of Findhorn, without having personally visited the community. We welcome all stories. Everyone’s voice is valuable in the circle!

1 December 2015