Heaven on Earth – a world that works for ALL life

Hello everyone

While I’m frolicking amongst autumn leaves here at Findhorn after a wonderful Harvest Fare at Cullerne Gardens on 3 October, my sister tells me the jacaranda trees are in full purple splendour in the southern hemisphere, while sadly my husband is experiencing constant smoke and haze from jungle clearances in Singapore. I hope you are enjoying either of the first two!

Wow! 2015 has gone so fast and the Foundation’s 2016 brochure is already winging its way to those of you who have chosen the hard copy version. The electronic version is now on our website (either download the pdf to keep or use the e-reader version to peruse on the website). The cover has a picture of three generations of four different families who are part of our community – what wonderful continuity!

Have a browse – there is much to support us to deepen into who we truly are. The Shift Network puts it rather well – ‘to create a vast global network of change agents, healers, teachers, artists, leaders and everyday love-spreaders to call us into our highest potential and help us serve the deepest needs of our day’ – put simply, to co-create heaven on earth, i.e. a thriving world that works for ALL life. (Which one are you? I think I’m a love-spreader ☺.)

Please join this vast global network on 1 November for the global meditation to support the Paris climate change talks. It begins at 8.00am Paris time, for 24 hours (we will meditate together at 12.30pm UK time).

We have two very powerful anniversaries in 2016 – it is the 40th birthday, a real coming of age, of both the Game of Transformation and of Sacred/Circle Dancing at the Foundation. They are superb tools for individuals and groups to realise their highest potential and have become an important part of our identity and life.

We are celebrating these anniversaries by holding the not-to-be-missed Planetary Game – Engaging with the Emerging Future, 2–8 July, while the Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song 16–22 July with special guest Nanni Kloke will be a celebration of the power of dancing to heal and uplift. (If Sacred Dance has touched you in some way, please see an invitation at the end of this email.)

The brochure contains an amazing plethora of choices – here is a taste to whet your appetite (remembering that some require previous participation in Experience Week).

There are our two conferences: Earth Sings, 19–25 March and Healthy Earth, Healthy Birth, 3–9 September; close encounters with Jeff Foster, Jeddah Mali, Roger Linden, Marko Pogacnik and Caroline Myss; retreats on the spectacular Isle of Iona; Celtic Festival Weeks on the wild and remote Isle of Erraid; permaculture, healing through art, nonviolent communication, Dragon Dreaming, a Sacred Bee Symposium, Chi Gong, nature spirits, biodanza, psychosynthesis, Esalen massage, interspecies communication and the always popular and very affordable service weeks at Cluny and The Park, gardening, spring cleaning and beautifying our premises.

Coming back to 2015, the breaking news is that last week the community raised £3,865 for the refugee humanitarian crisis. It was a magnificent combined effort of giving and receiving with a sharing in the Universal Hall, combined with a bazaar in the foyer and a brunch sale. I loved the spirit of generosity and oneness so practically demonstrated.

Our new LEAPS

Our new LEAPS

Sadly, our application to the Big Lottery to build a much-needed Welcome Centre at The Park, also a magnificent effort, was unsuccessful. We’ll continue to work on other funding opportunities, believing that we will find the right funding mix to allow us to manifest a wonderful new home for our visitor centre, shop and café.

Good news is that our next wave of LEAPS (participants in the Living Essentials Apprentice Programme) from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, UK and USA have just committed to engaging in the Mystery School of life and to serve this centre and its purpose in the world. (You can read the Foundation’s Vision Statement in our latest Annual Report.) We really appreciate the breath of fresh, regenerative air the LEAPs bring to our community.

And finally, big happy 53rd birthday wishes to us all for 17 November – may we all be as radically dedicated to following the wisdom of our inner voice as Dorothy, Eileen and Peter. This community continues to be an unfolding experiment and one year on, the spirit of the New Story Summit is alive in all of us here. There are many growing edges as we engage with the emergent future and I love that all over the world you/we, our global family, are committed to serving something greater than the self. Bless us and our intentions.

If you’re interested in the history of the Foundation you’ll find much of interest at Digital Findhorn where archived material and current activities from Findhorn Live have been digitised and uploaded, e.g. Dorothy Maclean – How the Deva Contact Began, and Eileen Caddy – The Gift of Spirit.

But before we turn 53 the inimitable Caroline Myss will be joining us 7–9 November for The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing. If you can’t make it in person please remember you can stream it via Findhorn Live.

Whether you plan to visit us in person in 2016 or join us from afar, we welcome you as an ally and member of the growing tribe of heaven-on-earth creators.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

Sacred Dance invitation from Laura Shannon
The 40th anniversary of Sacred Dance in Findhorn offers all dancers a chance to fulfill our collective potential as the harmony, co-operation and energy of the dance can serve in many ways. I invite you to write a short piece (100–300 words) about positive experiences of Sacred Dance at Findhorn. I’ll gather these testimonials into a Festschrift to honour this practice. Please send to ideally by 31 December.

28 October 2015