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Dear Ones,

As you can see our newsletter is taking a new form. This reflects the deeper changes now causing conversations and groups to coalesce and explore what is emerging in the community. I notice that our conferences form a possibly illuminating conjunction. This month’s We Do Not Die conference, now available via webstreaming, will focus on our transition of leaving our physical bodies. After death, birth. Next year’s Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference will illuminate the process of entering a new physical form. Did the conferences fall into place this way because we are in a cycle of release and renewal? Between these two poles is a rich array of programmes designed to open us to our true selves. Please have a look below. We also welcome your feedback at any time about these emails — the content, format, frequency – and we look forward to welcoming you here, whether you connect in person or via Findhorn Live.

With Blessings,

for the Communications Team

Cosmology, Poetry, Ecology and Justice

14 September 2015 – one night only (Webstreaming available)

Drew’s moving and inspiring poetry was a popular highlight of last September's New Story Summit. Now Drew returns to Findhorn and, for one night only, will be exploring themes directly related to the enquiry into the new story as he asks: what are the connections between… (read more)

The Tara Approach

12–18 September

The TARA Approach is an integrative design that fuses Western neuropsychology and a simple meridian based touch system. We live in a world of increasing sensory inundation where identifying and following one’s purposeful inner guidance becomes more and more… (read more)

A Centering Retreat

3–9 October 2015

Sitting like a mountain and standing with awareness in life’s fullness – being the powerful link between heavens and earth. In this retreat we focus on body and practices that enhance coming to your centre in your hara or tantien (known in Eastern traditions as the gravity centre of… (read more)

10–16 October

The Seven Rays colour and condition all forms of life and pour through into our solar system via the constellations and their ruling planets. The ancient wisdom teachings tell us that these seven great streams of energy, along with esoteric astrology, are responsible for the psychology of a… (read more)

17–23 October 2015

The experience of being human resembles the story of the genie in the bottle from the Arabian Nights, as our own wild spirit may seem bottled up deep inside our body and personality structure.While we may prefer to ignore its disturbing presence, we can still hear the genie shout, ‘Let… (read more)

The Essential Guide for Healers and Healing

7–9 November 2015 – three days(Webstreaming available)

The healing arts are now a part of our culture. We have changed and have shifted to the age of energy, to the age of the psyche and spirit. We have awakened our inner senses and are struggling to integrate intuition, emotional sensing, dream knowledge, and other energy senses with… (read more)

7 September 2015