What’s On at Findhorn – October and November 2015

Although July flickered only fitfully with summery weather, The Park’s lawns and Universal Hall warmed themselves to the spicy sounds and movements of a different world of possibility, embodied by Greek and Armenian circle dances last week during our Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song. Earlier in the month, a large Brazilian Experience Week group brought with them a different and similarly warm, emergent energy. Some of its participants came with the aid of a unique spiritual-social experiment, Destino Colaborativo (Collaborative Destination), and had manifested the trip by following spiritual guidance. Their journey of collectively partnering with spirit to shape material conditions is not the only sign of New Story economics at work in the community, though. Just the previous week, Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouche held a successful Music Experience Week in which participants paid what they intuitively felt to be the right amount. In a month where the use of money caused suffering and disempowerment in Greece and other areas of the world, these gleams of a new way of being shine even more brightly.

With that sense of a new world of possibilities in mind, I’d like to highlight some of our October and November programmes.

CullerneTeabreak RedRobin

Franco Santoro’s Healing the Fragmented Heart is a transformative journey to heal our relationships and capacity for intimacy and wholeness. Journeying both through the stars of your birth chart and the immersive sensuality of shamanic visions, the workshop is an invitation to call home the lost pieces of yourself, explore your soul’s ‘map’ and open wide to loving and receiving love, perhaps in ways you can’t imagine yet. The programme runs from the 24th to the 31st of October.

Pathways to the Self is set to begin another year of personal transformation, and still has some places left. By transforming the relationship with the self/Self, we cultivate authentic presence and a solid personal container for life, strengthening our ability to be with whatever arises in the moment. Beginning with two weeks in October, the 3rd to the 16th, and continuing with four other training weeks over the course of nine months, the programme is intended for anyone committed to self-enquiry and is also suitable for those in the caring professions.

Sacred dances are woven into the fabric of life in this community. Their turning movements spread the resonances of healing, peace and inspiration. Learning to Lead Sacred Dance, a two week programme, will teach you 16 sacred dances in depth, how to lead groups, create a programme of dances and attune to the energy of the dance. If you have some familiarity with Sacred Dance and would like to share this spiritual expression, do consider participating in this workshop.

LMMday3-4 - Caroline MyssWe warmly welcome back Caroline Myss for her three-day Essential Guide for Healers and Healing, from 7 to 9 November. This special event workshop is designed as an intensive and opens both healers and those of us in the experience of healing to transcending ordinary perception and accessing the workings of the invisible world. This is an essential opportunity to deepen into healing knowledge with one of the world’s most recognised medical intuitives and healers.

This is a sampling of the rich array of programmes and activities at the Findhorn Foundation that open us to engaging our deepest selves. As always at Findhorn, there are many more opportunities for growth and exploration.

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With blessings from the Findhorn Foundation.

Thomas Miller
for the Communications Team

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5 August 2015