What’s On at Findhorn – August and September 2015

Hello Dear One,

The days are waxing longer here, with sunlight from four thirty in the morning until ten at night. People who serve in Findhorn’s Cullerne Garden sometimes speak of a sustained summertime elation they feel radiating from the sun-charged earth, plant and animal beings they are co-creating with. During Findhorn’s Northern summer plants, animals and people seem to live with special intensity, absorbing and radiating the long hours of light.

As the energy continues to rise towards its apex at the summer solstice, I invite you to turn your attention ahead in the seasonal cycle, to some of our upcoming programmes.

August and September will see a number of workshops celebrating and exploring the body as a guide and partner in our spiritual journey. On the first of August Wholebody Focusing invites us to go beneath the stress and trauma in the body to its inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality. Its aim is to encourage more of the wisdom of the body into our awareness, giving us the power to move our life situations forward.

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Later in August we again celebrate Biodanza – The Dance of Life. How would it feel to be at ease in your body, trusting its wisdom and feeling free to enjoy yourself as a sensuous, vibrant being? Biodanza leads us gradually into deeper contact with and permission to believe in the goodness of our instinctive passions, expressing the emotions that arise from that experience.

In September we’re delighted to welcome Stephanie Mines for her third year offering Essence and Empowerment – The TARA Approach. Using an integrative design that fuses Western neuropsychology with a simple meridian based touch system, Stephanie’s workshop will deepen and sharpen your felt sense of your inner purpose, the one you brought with you into incarnation.

Does your inner purpose lead you to participate in group meetings and processes? The Barefoot Facilitator workshop in mid August will provide you with tools and the confidence to facilitate deep and lasting change in the human system you are part of.

We are very pleased to be welcoming a frequent visitor, Robert Holden, back for Loveability – Learning How to Love and Be Loved. Based on his best-selling book Loveability, this practical retreat gives you space to explore your relationship to love and offers a creative mix of inquiries, meditations and exercises designed to help you enjoy more love in your life, work and relationships. The three-day retreat is filling quickly.

The number of people signing up for the We Do Not Die – Expanding Consciousness Through Near-Death Experiences conference is also growing swiftly. The conference’s aim is to transform our consciousness by sharing experiences of life beyond the physical body. Presenters range from medical professionals to mediums, all having gone through a near-death experience or out of body experience. The freedom from existential fear that they gained gives us a vision of how a new, transformed way of life could emerge on individual and cultural levels.

This is a sampling of the rich array of programmes and activities at the Findhorn Foundation that open us to engaging our deepest selves. As always at Findhorn, there are many more opportunities for growth and exploration.

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With blessings from the Findhorn Foundation.

Thomas Miller
for the Communications Team

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4 June 2015