What’s On at Findhorn – Exciting News for Summer 2015

Hello Dear One

I feel truly blessed as I look out of my window and see the beauty of the trees that are in flower just now, a profusion of delicate pink and white blossoms that soon will be carried by the wind from one place to another. Impermanent, ever changing, dynamic – words that can be used to describe the world around us, and perhaps the world within us too.

Fluidity is very much a part of our life here at the Findhorn Foundation and there have been some exciting changes to our June/July calendar of programmes and events that I would like to tell you about.

Making a Gift of Music
For the very first time we are going to run the Music Experience Week, a themed Experience Week starting on 11th July, on the basis of ‘gift economy’. This is an invitation to follow the heart in a process of attunement, where no set price is fixed beforehand and people attune in accordance with what they have received.

Where gift, where caring, where involvement have replaced the aloofness of human economics, it’s a lot easier for the creativity and love of the infinite mind of God (that you are) to express itself.


Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouch are your focalisers for this unique event, enriching the flow of the usual Experience Week with Dances of Universal Peace and beautiful Harmony Songs which honour many spiritual traditions. It will be joyful, lively and fun and no prior experience in music is necessary. Please tell your friends about this event and help us to make this first attempt so successful that other similar occasions will follow!

John P Milton’s Reconnection and Renewal
Co-creation with nature and interdependence with all of life is one of the pillars upon which this centre of love and light was founded, and upon which it still stands today. We are delighted, therefore, to be welcoming John Milton back to the Findhorn Community after a long absence for a special six-day event Reconnection and Renewal, starting on 21st June.

John, an early ecologist and founder of the organisation Way of Nature, will share the twelve principles of Natural Renewal. These principles form a powerful way to connect and align inner and outer nature and have been brought together from a number of wisdom and indigenous traditions to which John has dedicated over 70 years of study and practise. Included in the programme schedule are some short solo sessions and at least one 24-hour solo held in sacred land.

Thousands of people have experienced John’s programmes and many report a greatly enhanced ability to handle stress, amplified creativity, and a renewed discovery of the basic joy of life. Are you seeking new kinds of purpose, connection and meaning in the world? Then do join us for this journey with nature as teacher and partner.

A brief reminder
In our last email I drew your attention to our seven-day Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song happening at the end of July. Our special guest this year is Dimitris Barbaroussis, an exceptional teacher of Greek Dance, who has a wealth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm. For a taste of what you’ll experience with him, use the link above to visit our website and view a short video.

As always here at the Foundation, there is a diverse range of workshops in which to explore our deepest selves, in whatever way most resonates with our individual paths.

For the full schedule for June and July (and beyond), visit the
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We welcome your feedback at any time about these emails – the content, format, frequency – and we look forward to welcoming you here, whether you connect in person or via Findhorn Live.

With blessings from the Findhorn Foundation.

Sandra Mitchell
for the Communications Team

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4 May 2015