Joy to the World

I am in Australia as I write this, but feel like I have a foot in both hemispheres, having joined the winter solstice meditation at Findhorn online while enjoying summer temperatures in NSW and Queensland.

LMMday3-7I send warm wishes to you all, loving that we are such a diverse family, scattered all over the globe. I so appreciate the intimacy and immediacy of our connection and smile as I imagine all the different circumstances and settings you are in as you read this email … snow … drought … tropical rain … log fire … heat, sand and surf … desert … cityscape … jungle … short, grey days … endless sun…

You may remember that the Findhorn Foundation and Community’s angel for 2014 was CONTENTMENT. Although it is a great practice to be content with what ‘is’, this has not been an easy quality for me, so keen for us to embody a new story and especially as I sit with the recent siege and sad deaths of two people in Sydney and the horrific events resulting in 146 deaths at the school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

What uplifts me is the enormous global outpouring of love and kindness which followed these tragedies and the hope that such love and kindness can be present always.

treestumpandflowerIt was an extraordinary scene as I wandered among the ever-growing monument of flowers and messages at the scene of the siege in Sydney – parents were bringing their children to lay flowers with messages such as ‘Transform the world with love’ and ‘Peace on Earth'; someone had painted on the pavement ‘We are one … and we are many'; and hundreds of people were writing their thoughts and reflections in books provided. And this was not just a local phenomenon – people were responding to violence everywhere, particularly Pakistan.

I felt the presence of a deep and profound longing for a different story, a truly global solidarity of intention to co-create this, an increasing awareness that we are one family with one planet as our home and that everyone’s pain is my pain. This feels especially poignant at this time of year when the mantra ‘peace on earth; goodwill to all’ is so present.

So it is a lovely thing that, after the much-loved winter solstice ritual at the Universal Hall, we have not one but two new angels for 2015. As is the tradition, each person walks a spiral of winter greens, reflecting on the past year and lighting a candle at the centre, setting intentions for the new year while walking out of the spiral and ending with choosing an individual angel. This ritual usually begins with a representative of the community who walks the spiral on behalf of all of us and draws an angel to overlight the Findhorn family, wherever we are.

SolsticeSpiral2014For the first time we had two people to represent us – one of our young people chose/was chosen by the angel of KINDNESS and the person representing the rest of the community chose/was chosen by the angel of DELIGHT. What a wonderful blend! For me kindness is a softer, more mellow quality filled with warmth and compassion for self and all life while delight sparkles with a childlike quality of finding pleasure in small things. I hope to embody both qualities always.

As 2014 draws to a close one thing that delights me is that the Foundation is becoming ever more global as more of the world acknowledges that we have many skills and much experience useful for co-creating a new world, and that we continue to learn from others. The diversity of our friends, partnerships and collaborations took a wondrous leap in late September with the New Story Summit bringing participants from countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Zimbabwe.

findhornecovillageThen in October members of the Hurdal Ecovillage community in Norway visited us. The founder, Simen, was inspired by a visit he made at Findhorn as a 16-year-old, when he received a vision. Now, thirty years later, the vision is becoming reality as this 12-year-old ecovillage north of Oslo enters a phase of rapid growth towards their target population of around 500.

In December three Foundation co-workers went to China, invited by a group which had visited in August and is part of the International Hanwang Forum and Tsinghua University of Beijing. They are building Hua Tao Ecovillage close to Chengdu, with around 600 residents and an emphasis on Taoism, Chinese cultural heritage and innovation, and wanted to understand how the Foundation and community is structured and learn about sustainability. A highly successful five-day Ecovillage Intensive was given to 40 supporters and potential ecovillage residents with plans for more programmes for new members in the future.

Seedlings2These are exciting developments for us as we move forward with a sense of our own new story. We are keen to stay relevant, attract more and more young people and families, use sociocracy to explore the overhaul of our structure and decision making, actively encourage intergenerational living and nurture the groundswell of change happening everywhere as people continue to lose faith in present systems. We know that to go forward we also need something of a ‘fertile void’ in which the new can emerge.

I recently read a wonderful article naming a ‘new mainstream’ … The Consciousness Crowd, defined neither by generation nor political nor religious creed but by the recognition that we are in a time of awakening to a new mindset, an expanded worldview and a higher-level consciousness for humanity. If you have a moment have a read of this article.

The New Mainstream knows that our state of consciousness, individually as well as collectively, is the fundamental and ultimate driving force of every aspect of life – giving rise to all of our results. We are the ones creating all of it according to our habits of thinking.

So with our collective intention to be the change we want to see in the world, I speak for all Findhorn Foundation co-workers and community members in wishing you, our global family, the deep peace and joy of this season.

May we all be kind to ourselves and others and delight in this gift of life now and in the coming year.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

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  • The New Story Gift Economy Report is almost complete and will be available for all to view very soon.

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22 December 2014