Special Event in October with Jeddah Mali

We are delighted to share the news that Jeddah Mali is making a welcome return to the Findhorn Foundation to offer her three-day annual retreat. An internationally recognised mentor, advisor and consultant, Jeddah’s unique approach transforms our fundamental understanding of ourselves as human beings and how life really works.

Embracing Honest Change
25–28 October 2014

Do you desire to live a fruitful life and experience love, contentment and success? Do you want a world to that is in harmony and peace? So many of us do, and yet, it can be challenging to consistently demonstrate these principles in our own lives. You are invited to explore your experience within the following understanding:

Your relationship to yourself determines the contribution you are able to make towards your own happiness and that of the world around you.

Jeddah Mali

JeddahMali2014The connection between our private thoughts and actions and the global picture is much more correlated than people usually realise. The good news from Jeddah is that we are all equally blessed with potential, and it is precisely this potential for influence that makes the case for our growth so compelling.

With the theme of making significant and lasting change in your life, the retreat will be focussed on everyday understanding and practise. Jeddah will guide us in looking at what is holding us back from making desired changes and how we can move forward over the imaginary line that has been preventing us from being the person we really want to be.

Jeddah’s retreats are always a lot of fun as well as providing a concentrated learning experience. We warmly welcome you to join us either in person or live online. Findhorn Live offers ‘on demand’ streaming, so that you can watch at a timetable to suit you or if your time zone doesn’t easily match up with that of the UK. It also enables you to re-watch a particular session you’d like to experience again.

You are also invited to join Jeddah for a free live video session on 25th September at 8am West Coast USA / 10am Central USA / 11am East Coast USA / 4pm UK / 5pm France, Spain, Germany to give you an idea of what will be covered in the retreat and to also give you the opportunity to ask any questions. The session will last 30+ minutes depending on how many questions we have. Click here to register for the live video session, and sign up for Jeddah’s newsletter in the bottom left hand corner of the page. You will receive the link to join the session in a special email.

For more information about Jeddah’s retreat please click here.

To register to participate in her retreat online simply click here.

We look forward to you joining us as we explore together what a harmonious life and planet would look like, and what is required of us now to bring that about.

With blessings from the Findhorn Foundation.

Sandra Mitchell
for the Communications Team

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22 September 2014