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Hello everyone

It’s less than two weeks till the New Story Summit and never have I been more aware of the need for us all to live into a new story for life on this planet. Of course all of us are experimenting with a new story for humanity – that’s what the Findhorn Foundation and Community is all about, that’s what this email is all about – building relationship and connection between us all, at the same time as we build relationship with all beings, seen and unseen.

NSS2014BrandingHere at Findhorn we know it’s time for radical change. The whole community is on board with the summit, we know it is our ‘raison d’être’ and we are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. We have been so happily amazed by the world’s response to this event – an anchor point for a highly magnetic global movement. It affirms that we are on course, that we are all hungry for change.

There will be 335 people from over 40 countries at the summit and hundreds, hopefully thousands more of you will join us online. We already have over 50 Summit Hubs registered all over the world – people getting together to watch online and create their own mini summit. The online event is our gift to you for just £10 … and we’re always happy to receive more if you are happy to support. This price includes ‘on demand’ access to the sessions, so that you can review them to your heart’s content, or watch them at a more convenient time, and this ‘on demand’ access will be available indefinitely.

Go to to register for online viewing or to if you’d like to create a group. (Please note that if you have previously signed up for Findhorn Live, you will need to re-register your username and password for this event.)

Richard Olivier and I will be so excited to welcome you into the summit on 27 September. How wonderful it will be to have the world with us.

IntConf2011groupThe New Findhorn Association has created a Base Camp to support ‘The Summit’ (how clever!) and many wonderfully creative people are adding their sprinkling of stardust to the magic of the week. We are keen not to miss the opportunity, harnessing the vibrant new story energy focused on this point of the globe right now, to process what the new story is for this community and for the Foundation…

Organising such a big event with elements of gift economy and emergent space has been VERY challenging – changing how we usually do things here has shown me a little of what it might take to shift global systems. And as with everything, it needs to begin with each of us … changing our mindset, opening to new ways of being and doing … so easy to talk about but not so easy to actually birth. In a co-worker meeting this week we were asked, and I ask you now: “What is no longer serving you in your life? What would you welcome more of?” So, what’s your old story; what’s your new story … who do you want to be for the rest of your life? What future do you want to support?

I like what Jeddah Mali says – that it’s not the policy makers and business leaders who will bring change; it is all of us – “It may seem like an inconceivable leap between our private thoughts and actions and the global picture, yet this connection is much more correlated than people usually realise. And it is precisely this potential for influence that makes the case for our own growth so compelling.” If you’re interested in hearing more join Jeddah for Embracing Honest Change: Our Individual Contribution to Personal, Societal and Global Transformation, 
25–28 October 2014.

Dorothy MacleanOne person who has made a significant personal contribution to global change is Dorothy Maclean, our surviving co-founder. Remembering how it all started, Dorothy recalls: “One day I was doing a meditation when God told me I had a job to attune to nature … I think in that very first message it was what nature is still trying to tell us humans – that we are all great beings of light and we can work with them, attune with all life.” To read the full article about Dorothy and a community group’s recent exercise in rewilding and co-creation to find empathetic ways of co-habiting with a small local population of deer, click here.

Whether you are greeting spring blossoms, the turning of the leaves or a wet or dry season, we wish you deep peace, strong purpose and all the fascinating excitement and discomfort that growth and change bring.

May we together create a future which works for the planet which is our home and for all life forms which share this home with us.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

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15 September 2014