Towards a planetary future

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

Arundhati Roy

Hello everyone

What a wonderful world it is that I can reach out to you so instantly! I’ve been writing this newsletter for almost nine years – to support a vibrant connection between the Findhorn Foundation and Community and you, often many thousands of miles apart and yet only a heartbeat and a click on ‘send’ away.

More and more often I come across references to a global family, a planetary community, a Gaian citizenship; to paradigm shifts, World Brain, Global Mind, Universal Heart; to Open Source Everything and a future based on transparency, truth and trust … and it all feels so much more possible now. To know you are all out there, aware and wanting this too is so heartening. NSS2014BrandingIt is why my life has been taken over in the best of ways by this global longing for a new story for us to live into. (See, seven days, 335 people from all over the world, gift economy, emergence in action, building bridges within the community and across the world … let’s see what wants to happen…)

I laughed when the angel we chose/that chose us for New Story Summit was and is COMMUNICATION … on all levels … and of course community is basic to this word. (For all of you who love your angel cards, InnerLinks have just launched an Angel Cards app, currently for use on iPhones, iPads and iPods only, which you can find here.)

To deepen the world’s engagement with the summit – which feels so deeply related to the purpose of this community as a centre of personal and planetary emergence – we have created a website, the New Story Hub. It is for everyone, whether you’re a participant in the summit or not. Here you can find information about how to create your own Summit Hub, (i.e. to join the summit online and then create your own group mini summit – for more information see here) and also, in a more general way, to register your interest in this theme, to contribute, read blogs, join projects, connect with others.

VarndeanSchool-1Here at Findhorn summer solstice is long gone but the evenings are still wonderfully light till late – in the global south you are no doubt noticing the lengthening days. In the last weeks we’ve had wedding parties, funerals (more aptly called life celebrations), babies turning into cheeky and loveable toddlers, and Trees For Life celebrating their 25th anniversary (and heading towards their second million trees planted). In June I particularly enjoyed watching twenty 13–15 year olds from a Brighton school, like lovely sponges, soaking up the freedom, the silence, the experience of community, the learning for life. And early this month there were four Experience Weeks – Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Music – running at the same time (a very creative community effort and something of a record for us!).

Currently the Findhorn Foundation co-workers are a group of 127 people (64 women and 63 men) from 30 countries – which gives welcoming diversity a whole new meaning! It also makes this community an experiment in microcosm of the shift to living together as a global family.

And it’s not surprising that we have issues to deal with. The latest issue, on one level, was about fences at The Park but, as someone wisely said, ‘It’s all a journey to love, whatever the topic is – it’s the quality with which we work with an issue … in right relationship … the wholeness and interrelationship with which we process the tension between the ‘I’ and the ‘we’ that makes all the difference.’ Four meetings later, I think we did just that!

ChristianaFigueres2014A recent highlight was the four-day visit of Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). When addressing the community, Christiana also spoke of the urgent need for us to transform consciousness and move from the level of nationstate to that of planetary co-operation. Secretary Figueres was here to participate in the Foundation’s Climate Finance Advance meeting where selected experts explored climate finance ahead of the Secretary General’s Summit on this topic in September and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Paris climate negotiations in 2015.

I want to draw your attention to – an online petition in response to Christiana Figueres’ request for a much stronger message from people of faith and moral belief re their concern about climate change. The aim is to gather at least 50 million signatures to send to politicians and to pray and meditate for them to act boldly to reach a meaningful global climate agreement in Paris in December 2015. If you feel drawn to add your voice please do.

And remember, 30 July is the United Nations International Day of Friendship, highlighting friendship as the fundamental glue uniting people across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

FestivalSacredDance2014-1I so enjoyed dancing Rom dances with Piry Krakow as part of our Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song recently – another lovely way to connect with the global family and its rich variety of cultures.

Wishing you peace and joy whatever you’re doing.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

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29 July 2014