What’s On at Findhorn – November and December 2014

Hello Dear One

As I sit here and write this to you, I am gently aware that the wheel of the year continues to turn. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we have experienced the longest day of the year and now move towards the harvest and beyond. Noticing this, it doesn’t seem so strange to me then, that while living in what still feels like the height of summer, I am about to highlight the workshops and events we have coming up in the last months of the year.

Special Event in November

Sojourns into the Desert of the Heart
3-day event with Caroline Myss

CarolineMyss(LMM)We are delighted to once again welcome Caroline into our midst. A regular here at Findhorn, she returns to help us embrace the discovery of empty spaces in our hearts. Recognising this as an opportunity to reflect upon the quality of the choices each of us is making in our lives, we have the chance to rid ourselves of a personal myth that is causing pain and suffering. This path of inner work offers the gift of coming back into balance with one’s own essential nature….(read more)

Special Event in December

Falling in Love with Where You Are: Unconditionally Embracing the Pain and Joy of Life
3-day event with Jeff Foster

JeffFoster2012Jeff too has become a familiar and welcome face here at Findhorn, returning year after year to offer his message of deep acceptance and fearless living. By asking the question ‘How can we rest deeply, even as the ground falls from beneath our feet, even as our hearts break open and our dreams turn to dust?’ Jeff invites us to stop our exhausting search for love, peace and enlightenment, and discover them here and now by turning towards ourselves….(read more)

What else do we have for you in November and December?

Workshops in November

Singing in Community
Bring more singing into your life, your community and your workplace. This is a workshop for those who want to develop their skills to lead singing groups or incorporate songs into their group work….(read more)

Transition to Resilience Module 5 (5 days)
A learning adventure for change makers who wish to realise projects related to resilience and sustainability in their regions, communities or workplaces. Though this is the last in the series, it isn’t necessary to have participated in earlier modules as each can be attended individually….(read more)

Dreaming the New Dream – Shamanic Visions of Death and Rebirth
In partnership with the spirit world, explore realms beyond physical existence and understand more deeply that death is not an end but a transition. Experience the light at the core of your being and be supported in helping to shift our consciousness to a higher level and birth a new vision of a healthier, more harmonious and balanced life for all of creation….(read more)

Opening the Sacred Heart — Apriamo il Cuore Sacro
This workshop is mostly in silence and meditation so is easily understandable in either Italian or English.
The Sacred Heart is the highest natural expression of our original intelligence, connecting us to Mother Earth and the universe. Join us for a week of guided meditations inspired by Findhorn Foundation co-founders Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean, nature experiences, bodywork and other tools to explore our Sacred Heart….(read more)

Incarnational Spirituality
Nature07072014You are invited to reimagine and reshape your relationship to yourself, to the sacred, to nature, to the subtle worlds and to the Earth. Join us for one or both of two modules this month:

Incarnational Spirituality: Subtle Activism….(read more)

Incarnational Spirituality: Manifestation….(read more)

The Alchemy of Transformation
This hybrid workshop combines two proven tools for uplifting consciousness – the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage® – and provides a platform for change that allows outdated selves to fall away. Invite in for yourself a rebirth into new ways of being infused with aliveness….(read more)

Christmas and New Year Events

A Christmas Retreat
An invitation to touch your stillness and your joy while in the heart of our community during the Christmas season. Offering a quiet spaciousness with opportunities to be with your inner nature, as well as to join in with the Findhorn community celebrations and rituals that take place at this special time….(read more)

New Year Celebration – Crossing the Threshold
A mix of community celebration through song, dance, creativity, ritual and time for self-reflection, this week offers space for rest and relaxation as well as pure, delightful fun! New Year’s Eve is celebrated within the Findhorn community in traditional manner….(read more)

New Year’s Retreat – Turning Within and Moving Onward
Times of stillness, guided meditations, creative practices and rituals drawn from different spiritual traditions will lead us through a journey of review, release, purification and setting new intentions until we feel confident to open up to the new with joy and purpose….(read more)

New Year Retreat on Iona
A space to stop and pause for inner reflection, moving into the new aligned with clarity and purpose. Held on Iona, a sacred island known as a historic place of pilgrimage located on the west coast of Scotland….(read more)

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With blessings from the Findhorn Foundation.

Sandra Mitchell
for the Communications Team

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7 July 2014