Live the Unimaginable

Hello Dear Ones,

We are delighted to let you know that very soon we will welcome back Roger Linden, who will again offer a retreat space in which to explore the reality of our true nature.

The Elusive Obvious
9 August 2014 (2-day and 5-day options)

Having attended a workshop with Roger in the past, you will be aware that Roger defines liberation as the permanent evaporation of all sense of a separate self. When the experience of life does not include a personal self, what remains is silent, spacious presence – the tender, peaceful joy of unconditional love – the Self.

RogerLinden2014Using the tools of enquiry, dialogue and silence you will again have the opportunity to explore this obvious yet unimaginable reality. You will also practise simple, natural ways of easing the mental, emotional and physical strain of living as though separation were real.

This is a retreat, held in the midst of a dynamic and active community. This combination will be used to explore our relationship to the ‘elusive obvious’, discovering how our search for consciousness, presence and awakeness is unnecessary when we notice what is happening.

Along with times of silence there will be opportunity for dialogue and discussions on the nature of liberation.

For details of price and to book please click here.

If you are unable to join us for the full five days, or if you know of someone who might be interested in an introduction to Roger’s work, we are also offering an option to participate in the first two days of this workshop, the Saturday and Sunday only (depart Monday morning). For details of price and to book please use the link above.

We look forward to having you with us and to welcoming people new to Roger’s work.

With love and blessings from Findhorn.

Sandra Mitchell
On behalf of the Communications Team

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20 June 2014