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Hello everyone

As I help to organise New Story Summit I feel like I’m riding a giant tsunami wave of global hope and longing for a radically different way for we humans to be and interact in this world. There is such a buzz of excitement around the theme and I imagine that all 20,000 of us receiving this email dream of a world of connection with all of life, shared abundance, peace, equality, mindful consumption and a rich inner life – a world described by David Spangler as ‘a true planetary consciousness, one with a sense of being a participant in the living wholeness of Gaia’.

EarthSings2014-2I felt some of this planetary consciousness on the final night of Earthsings: Singing for Unity and Wellbeing on 18 April – what a powerful outpouring of hope, determination and the purest form of love throughout the evening. In the final minutes a packed Universal Hall rose to its feet to sing in full-throated connection and life-affirming joy, capturing the power and essence of this dream of a new story for humanity. For a full description of the week visit our website here.

It is a great privilege to help convene a truly global conversation to accelerate practical steps to ground this dream and it feels very ‘on purpose’ for the Findhorn Foundation to be hosting this gathering. We are gifting much and we welcome gifts from others to co-create a truly ground-breaking event which will be recorded in many forms. For more information on gifting options please click here to view and download a PDF document.

NSS2014BrandingAlthough the summit of 335 people is fully booked with over 60 people of all ages coming from Africa, South America and Asia, thanks to gifts from our supporters, this is a theme we can all be involved with. We are encouraging the creation of New Story hubs all over the globe so please keep an eye out on our webpage for details of how you might form a group, join online for the first few days and then host your own New Story enquiry. You can of course join online as an individual – more about that closer to the time. (Remember, to receive forward notice of what is to be webstreamed from Findhorn, please email with your name, country of residence and email address, and ‘Please add me to the Findhorn Live mailing list’ in the subject line.)

The community is organising an enthusiastic fringe event including local New Story hubs and interestingly the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival, 24—28 September, overlaps with the summit. What wonderful synchronicity that this festival with its intent to celebrate local community and foster local resilience and creativity mirrors in part the intent of the summit to do this at a global level. For more information about highlights of this festival click here.

There is definitely a buzz of New Story here at Findhorn – on an individual and organisational level. Is there a new story needing to manifest in your life … does part of you feel left over, under-utilised? Are your roots too big for your pot? What is your deepest longing? Are you ‘on purpose’?

The Findhorn Foundation and the community at large feel ripe for radical change – definite rumblings and healthy questioning of the efficacy of old structures and a lively interest in exploring our edges. There are rumblings in Scotland as well as we head towards the referendum for independence on 18 September and I suspect there are rumblings in your life, your organisations and your part of the world too.

Gaia Education Design for Sustainability If you are keen to re-skill yourself to address such rumblings in a practical way there is no better way than to participate in Gaia Education Design for Sustainability starting 4 October. Run by Findhorn Foundation College, this is an annual five-week comprehensive training which can be taken as a whole or as week-long modules: facilitation skill for grassroots leadership plus the core dimensions of sustainability – Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldviews. Catch some of the post-New Story Summit buzz and embark on a journey which encourages practical local applications of ‘the new story’.

If you prefer to reach out from your home have a look at the ambitious Global Policy Action Plan, a very practical impulse recently endorsed by the Foundation and led by Findhorn Fellow Jakob von Uexkull, CEO of the World Future Council. Subtitled Saving Our Shared Future: Best Policies To Regenerate Our World, this plan is a worldwide effort to implement policies and laws that will advance the sustainability agenda on a holistic basis and well worth reading and then acting upon through your local representative.

History019I know Peter Caddy would love the powerful energy and intent that is flowing here right now. Peter, Eileen and Dorothy began writing a new story for our times in the 50s and 60s – a story about the possibility of partnership and co-creation between the physical and non-physical aspects of existence, of collaboration between humanity, nature, spirit and the subtle worlds. It is still a story that is core to Findhorn’s identity and contribution in the world. And, in order for it to be a living story, it needs to live and be written in and through each one of us individually, wherever we are. Read our latest story on Peter here.

I finish with a delightful piece of Findhorn nostalgia – a song by the New Troubadours, a group at Findhorn in the legendary 70s. Love One Another, by David Spangler

What does it take to build a world?
What makes a planet grow?
What does it take to live a life?
Some men will never know.
They seek this truth in deeds of renown, in climbing a mountain, in ruling a town
While the greatest deed is this truth itself.
Love one another, Love one another, Love one another, Love.
Life is a joy for all to share.

To listen to the New Troubadours singing this song visit the Lorian Association website here.

In connection, in global community, in co-creation.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo (my new story = love, joy, no stress)
for the Communications Team

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16 May 2014