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Hello Dear One

Welcome to the new format for our Coming Events emails. As part of a new vision for how we communicate with people about what’s on offer here at the Findhorn Foundation, we are moving to a schedule of monthly emails containing information about our upcoming programmes, workshops and events. Though this first email is the exception, our intention is to give you two months advanced notice each time of what’s coming up.

flowerinlightIn the northern hemisphere, this time of year is one of renewal, of everything beginning to reawaken as the days grow longer. So too, after the quiet time of winter, the Foundation’s programme schedule begins to once again expand. Gently at first, gradually picking up speed.

The best way to come to Findhorn and find out what it’s like is to participate in an Experience Week, seven days that can change your life and your world. Running most weeks up to 29 March, and weekly thereafter until November, this is a chance to experience the principles on which our community is based. It is also a prerequisite for participation in a number of our other programmes.

Exploring Community Life and Spiritual Practice (of which there are also special themed weeks), each offer an opportunity to integrate your experience of Findhorn after participating in Experience Week, and also serve as a prerequisite for joining some of the further Essential Findhorn programmes. During March and April you will find a number of opportunities to participate in these weeks.

islands022If being on a beautiful Hebridean island in springtime calls to you, the Equinox Retreat and the Easter Retreat at our peaceful house on Iona are two options for resting in the stillness.

Are you in a time of change or wanting a supportive and stimulating environment in which to look at current life choices or go deeper in your inner connection? Are you available for 12 weeks beginning Saturday 8 March? If yes, Spiritual Deepening offers you powerful experiential learning that can become a framework for life and is a heart-opening process during which you can discover more of what has touched you previously here in the Findhorn Foundation.

Do you love to be in the garden? Come and lend a hand in one or more of our gardens while giving yourself the gift of practising love in action. Two of our Service Weeks, Coming Home to the Garden – Gardening at The Park and In Perfect Timing – Gardening at Cullerne alternate with each other during a four-week period beginning 19 April.

plantingExpect a Miracle! At the end of March, there is an opportunity to play the 4-day version of the Game of Transformation. Centred around a circular board, with two skilled guides and only five players, this Game offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key life issues.

As always here at the Foundation, there are workshops in which to explore our deepest selves, in whatever way most resonates with our individual paths. Yoga and Silent Meditation offers a method for touching the inner self, and through it, peace of mind. Pathways to Authenticity is a rich journey of deep self enquiry during which the healing of core wounding and defences is facilitated. A Call Towards Wholeness – The Self in Relationship offers the chance to appreciate our personal dynamics with others as helpful messengers supporting our soul’s evolutionary journey. In Healing with the Power of Wild Animals – Using Animal Essences to Transform Our Lives, you will be guided through a transformative journey deep into yourself with the support of the Wild Earth Animal Essences.

Are you a change maker who wants to realise a project related to resilience and sustainability in your region, community or workplace? Then join us for Transition to Resilience Module 4 beginning 8 March. Though this course consists of five modules held over a period of 18 months, there is the option of taking each module individually.

ConMed13Early in April you are invited to explore the fullness of yourself and your capacity to be a generative source of blessing in the world in Incarnational Spirituality: The Generative Self. Later in April Exploring Reality – Living Reality is a revelation and celebration that the full, rich gamut of human experience is the very expression of our being.

Recently we launched Findhorn What’s On, our new Facebook page designed to offer up-to-date information about our programmes/workshops/events. We’ll be updating it regularly so for the latest on what’s happening here at Findhorn, do check it out.

Our hope is that we may be able to tailor future Coming Events emails to what interests you most. With that in mind, we welcome your feedback about our new format and the changed frequency of these emails, and also would like to hear if there are particular categories (i.e. nature and sustainability, spiritual and personal growth, leadership and community, health and wellbeing, creativity and celebration) of programmes/workshops/events that you would most like to hear about.

With blessings from Findhorn Foundation.

Sandra Mitchell
For the Communications Team

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25 February 2014