Join our Network of Friends

We recently launched the Findhorn Foundation’s Network of Friends and now extend an invitation to you to participate in this new and exciting venture. The Network of Friends has been created as an opportunity for the many people worldwide, who have been touched by the work and spirit of the Findhorn Foundation, to give back to it with a financial contribution and to support its spiritual purpose by holding this centre of light in love and blessings.

TallisCullerneBy joining the Network of Friends you are contributing to a powerful and transformative vision that began 50 years ago. A journey to open hearts and minds and to demonstrate new ways of living harmoniously on the planet; sharing community, and understanding and teaching how to co-create with the sacredness of life. Your participation enables this vision to grow so that future generations can experience the gifts of this centre, so they too can be encouraged to add their creativity, imagination, and personal energy to build a new world.

I wanted to make a regular contribution to the Findhorn Foundation in acknowledgement of all I have received over the years. Thank you for the service you give to the world.

Liza H, donor

DiggingCullerneAs a contributor you will receive a Welcome Pack, a Quarterly E-Newsletter and the opportunity to connect and engage with other members of the Network of Friends. Our goal is to build a community of friends, supporting not just the Findhorn Foundation, but also the wider community that is here in the area, and to strengthen the community of friends and co-workers living in all parts of the world. If you are already one of our regular donors, we thank you for your continued support, and you will receive a Welcome Pack shortly.

Please join us now and become a member!

The Findhorn Foundation has been the beneficiary of miracles, unexpected gifts, and needs being met in mysterious ways always with kindness and appreciation. As we chart the future, the magic of Findhorn continues to grow, as does the need to expand our infrastructure, build new residential housing and workshop space, and to form new partnerships to share our story with more diversity than ever before.

findhorn groupWe extend our deepest gratitude for the many blessings from our Network of Friends, and for your continued support and willingness to commit your energy to engage with the challenges of this period in human history. In particular, for your courage to stand with the soul of the world in love and hope for the future.

We welcome your participation, ideas, financial contribution and thoughts on how best to serve the Network of Friends.

To join please click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to this new community within a community!

In love and appreciation,

Debbie and Jacqueline
For the Fundraising Team

I have been participating in Findhorn programmes for many years and always feel the benefit of being in the community for some time after I have returned home. When I heard about the Network of Friends and that I could stay connected to my home of the heart, it felt natural to join and make a contribution to the future wellbeing of the Findhorn Foundation.

Paul, donor

We continue to welcome one-off gifts, and you can do this by visiting our website where you can make a donation online, or print out a form and send it to us at the address above.

17 December 2013