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The Findhorn Community is a successful large-scale, full-featured human settlement working in true co-creation with nature and demonstrating real solutions to the global challenges humanity faces. An embodiment of the knowledge and wisdom we have gained over the past 50+ years, our ecovillage is the setting for a unique, month-long programme.

Applied Ecovillage Living
8 February – 7 March 2014

Providing a practical forum for learning and for developing action plans, this living experience of the Findhorn Ecovillage will give you the concepts, tools and techniques needed for creating sustainable human settlements. The topics covered during these four weeks will include:

  • Permaculture Design
  • Local Organic Food Production
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Cooperative Social Economies
  • Group building and deep ecology
  • Earth restoration and environmental art
  • Ecological building and community design

Drawing from our expertise, as well as that of other local and international initiatives, you will discover how permaculture principles can be applied holistically to provide an enhanced quality of life for all.

Currently in its 15th year, this programme is one of our contributions to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Whatever changing global conditions may arise, Findhorn’s Ecovillage workshop offers unrivalled wisdom and expertise in both worldly and spiritual development. It is about humanity fulfilling its highest potential here on earth.

Neal Drinnan, age 45 from Australia

Sandra Mitchell
For the Communications Team

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