Letting Go of All Our Hurts

Imagine going beyond judgements, fears and defences, and opening your heart to a deep acceptance of ‘what is’ as opposed to what you and others think ‘should be’. What would our worlds, inner and outer, look like if each one of us dared to do this?

Forgiveness – The Great Undoing
28 September – 4 October

After a very successful Forgiveness conference in 1999, the Findhorn Foundation feels a strong impulse to once again explore a topic we believe has universal application. We therefore warmly welcome you to join us for this year’s autumn conference and participate with us in a collective inquiry into forgiveness.

Co-focalised by Robin Shohet and Ilsemarie Weber, and chaired by Ben Fuchs – all of whom were involved in the previous Forgiveness conference – this experiential week will include live mediation, workshops, open space, ritual and time devoted to practical application. An exciting line-up of presenters will help us explore why it is that most of us struggle with letting go and moving on, even though we know it is in our best interests.

We invite you to come and experience the power and freedom that comes with forgiveness.

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NB We are offering a £100 earlybird discount for bookings made and paid in full before 30 April 2013.

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19 April 2013