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Hello everyone

I’m still on a high after a truly extraordinary 50th birthday week at Findhorn 12–18 November. It’s difficult to capture the many threads and highlights, but there was a wonderful essence of coming home and of wholeness as the Findhorn Foundation and the New Findhorn Association co-operated with past and present members to co-create a memorable mix of nostalgic appreciation, love in action in the present and the creation of a strong container for the future. It was so heartwarming to see the love between people meeting up after 20 or 30 years and also inspiring to feel the ongoing evolution and expansion of this community and the global context of what was birthed here.

50thbdaySat4This global context was affirmed by the impressive presentations given by Findhorn Fellows showing their work in the world; the presence of the two people who represent us as an NGO on the Spiritual and Values Caucuses at United Nations headquarters in New York; the vitality, age range and international flavour of returning and current community members; and the ex-members and Resource People from all over the planet who joined us on the excellent live webstreaming. The presence of our surviving co-founder Dorothy Maclean and the three, now fully-grown, Caddy boys who arrived in November 1962 with Dorothy, Eileen and Peter, added to the historic significance of the event. The image above was taken at the birthday dinner with Dorothy (seated) and the Caddy boys (from l to r) David, Christopher and Jonathan (click on the image to view a larger version).

Combine that with the 16,000 of you reading this and we have quite a wave of change!

50thbdayFri2The Friday night auction was hugely entertaining, the highlight for me being the bidding for Peter Caddy’s spade from both people in the hall and those bidding over the internet. The spade finally went for £745, was promptly donated to Park Garden and went on to play an important part in burying the historic time capsule. Overall, £6,050 was raised during the week, to improve living spaces for guests and staff.

Meditations, The Game of Transformation, an enormous birthday cake, comedy, dancing, music, sharings by both current and past members and our talented youth, a night at Cluny, tales of the early days – all culminated in a stunning fire and light event where lanterns in the shapes of stars, planets, butterflies and snowdrops as well as Pan, a unicorn, a giant phoenix and an angel processed magically through the final night, lighting our way into the next 50 years.

During the week participants got together to send out the Findhorn Foundation Brochure 2013, which many of you will have received. Please know that you can now access all programmes online. Have a look – the Foundation offers you a space to change the world from the inside out, to build your own bridge to the new, to find a grounded way to co-create the future with us. Click on the cover image below to download the PDF.

FF Brochure 2013 coverThere is an amazing array of programmes to gift yourself or a loved one – from the potentially life changing Experience Week, Esalen Massage Technique and Joyful Parenting to Being With Bees and Astroshamanism. Look out for the new themed Spiritual Practice weeks and also for Spiritual Deepening, a 12-week programme in which to engage deeply with your soul’s journey and come alive in a whole new way, 2 March to 24 May.

You can join our ‘joy to the world’ at EarthSings at Easter and the Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song in July. For the first time we welcome a conference of the International Communal Studies Association on sustainable living, and also welcome back our old friends, Joanna Macy and Caroline Myss. Our major week-long conference in 2013 is Forgiveness – The Great Undoing, 28 September. I know you’ll agree that this is a powerful theme and sure to be an unforgettable event.

For those of you who cannot make it to Scotland in 2013, keep an eye out for live webstreaming as we intend to stream more and more of our major events and conferences. Also please remember there may be a Findhorn event happening near you – visit our Outreach calendar.

We are now at that solstice moment where light and dark balance so beautifully in our world. Whether you are greeting the coming of the light or the darkness, may we be reminded that the Earth is one system, of which we are all part. As the song goes, “Be still and know that day and night, be still and know that dark and light, are one holy circle”.

SolsticeMeditationTo honour this holy circle the community took part in our annual Solstice Spiral ritual and meditation on 20 December in the Universal Hall. This is a time to individually and collectively reflect on the past year, release it, become present, listen within and build intention for the coming year. 2012 has been a rich year of celebrating the aspirations, commitment and achievements of this community in its broadest, global sense and it is with a huge sense of gratitude that we release 2012 and the angel of Acceptance and prepare for the future unfolding with the 2013 quality of Healing. What a wonderful quality to have in the year of the Forgiveness conference!

At this time many of us are also joining with the global impulse of 3 Days of Love, 20–22 December, inspired by Birth2012LogoBarbara Marx Hubbard’s invitation to “infuse the global nervous system with intense waves of love”. Connected to the 3 Days of Love, on the 22nd Findhorn will feed into the Birth2012 event, live streaming from the Universal Hall for one hour (11.30am to 12.30pm GMT) as part of a global broadcast of 30+ hours of streaming. To watch the global webcast and join us via the livestreaming, please visit here.

Let us all remember the love that we are, throughout the holiday season and every day. All of us at Findhorn send you love and gratitude for all the support you give and the sense of sisterhood and brotherhood we share.

With smiles and laughter
Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

We all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence. This house, dedicated to work and debate in the service of peace, should have one room dedicated to silence in the outward sense and stillness in the inner sense.

Dag Hammarskjold, from his dedication of the UN Meditation Room

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21 December 2012