A global group hug

Hello everyone

I’ve just come back from leading the Sunday morning Sacred Dance slot in Experience Week. What a wonderful thing it is that for 38 years people from all over the world have taken the leap to come here and surrender to the amazing process we call Experience Week! I love meeting our participants and to contribute in some way – similar to the vitality I feel when I sit down to write this email to all of you. EVT2012-1In one way, I don’t know you at all; in a deeper way we are intimately connected and I feel huge openness of heart as I write. It expands and energises me to be in relationship with you and I am imagining a global group hug! I felt the same way when John Lennon’s song Imagine was played at the Olympics opening ceremony – letting go of all our differences actually felt possible!

There’s definitely an autumnal nip in the air here at Findhorn and strong winds are whipping the leaves into wild dances. I know those of you in the southern hemisphere are seeing the first buds of spring and enjoying lengthening days. I like this global perspective which embraces all the rhythms of the world.

CommunityBBQ19082012There have been many wonderful opportunities in the last month of summer to feel the varied relationships that Findhorn nourishes: a vibrant return of far-flung family for a Homecoming Week at the same time as we made new local friends with five adults with learning disabilities and their carers from L’Arche Community in Inverness, here for a six-day experience; an early 50th birthday BBQ and community photo; a lovely evening in the Universal Hall hearing about the early days on Iona and Erraid, the Foundation’s two west coast island destinations; the 50th birthday issue of our community currency, the EKO; and the arrival of North American students for the three-month Findhorn College programme, The Human Challenge of Sustainability. We’re so honoured that Findhorn College has been invited to become a member of the Regional Centre of Expertise with UNESCO in Scotland.

(If you want to keep up more frequently than my updates with what’s happening, there is an excellent Community News page posted regularly in the left hand column of our home page. If you click on the latest, Co-creation with Nature, you can access all past articles as well.)

PeopleComm061In addition to our brochure programmes, our Building Bridges initiative, which creates tailor-made programmes of one to five days for all sorts of groups, is also encouraging relationships with an ever-broadening variety of people. In September we will welcome Koreans, Slovenians, Europeans and Americans and also groups from local schools and Aberdeen University. If you have a group you’d like to bring, visit this page on our website for more information.

For those of you who have not been able to make it to the incredibly popular, month-long Esalen massage training, we have the mini version, Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen® Massage, 27 October for seven days. Here’s your chance to dip into this unique form of bodywork and come away with the ability to give a full body massage on completion of the course. You’ll also practise meditation, yoga and other movement disciplines to help develop the qualities of awareness and flowing presence central to this method. Great for beginners as well as professionals wanting to learn the Esalen approach. (There will be the usual month-long programme in June 2013.)

Singing FestivalI can’t believe it’s September already and Easter 2013 is not so far away. I want to give you a preview of a brilliant conference called EarthSings – Singing for Unity and Wellbeing, 30 March – 5 April. Come sing your way to celebration and healing with special guests Kathy Bullock (African-American sacred music), Frank Kane (Georgian songs), Fionn Tulach (Celtic tradition), Ali Burns from Scotland and Michael Stillwater from USA. Everyone is welcome – we will raise the roof together!

I also can’t help broadcasting the news that Joanna Macy is returning to Findhorn in 2013 – first as a presenter at the Conference of the International Communal Studies Association: Communal Pathways to Sustainable Living – Past, Present and Future, 26-28 June, then in The Work That Reconnects, 29 June – 4 July. In this work, which continues the theme of unity and wellbeing, Joanna guides participants into deep and powerful relationship with the parts of nature and self from which we have separated. I can’t recommend this opportunity enough – I still feel the reverberations of this work, which I participated in with Joanna in 2009. Amazing!

CarolineMyss(LMM)We recognise that for some of you living outside the UK, it may not be possible to come to Findhorn. I am therefore delighted to invite you to virtually take part in the upcoming Caroline Myss event at Findhorn, October 6-8, live and online. Via Findhorn Live we will broadcast Caroline as she explores with us what it means to become a truly congruent human being. For more info about this Master Class, see On the Path to Becoming a Congruent Human Being. For more info about the live-streaming and to register, click here. For those of you who are inspired by Caroline’s teachings, and can join us here at Findhorn, there is still time to book her Master Class.

GeoffPilgrimage66I smiled when an old Findhorn friend from seven years ago, who recently visited, said that she feels she has never really left. I hope this feeling is true for many of you and that your relationship with us, this place and the founding principles of inner listening and inspired action, in co-operation with the nature kingdoms, is a rich resource for you. Similarly, our outreach and sense of connection with each of you strengthens us. I feel another global group hug coming on!

At the Love, Magic, Miracles conference (29 September – 5 October; still time to join us!) we will be sending you a burst of love and light to energise and uplift you.

With love and laughter,

Yvonne Cuneo
for the Communications Team

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14 September 2012