Caroline Myss returns to Findhorn

We are delighted to welcome Caroline Myss, bestselling author and pioneer of energy healing, back to the Findhorn Foundation for another consecutive annual visit. During this weekend Master Class, explore the purpose of life and the simplicity of the spiritual path.

On the Path to Becoming a Congruent Human Being
6 – 8 October 2012

A frequent visitor to Findhorn, Caroline will be one of the presenters at the Love, Magic, Miracles Conference here this autumn. Her three day Master Class follows on immediately afterwards, with the goal of Becoming a Congruent Human Being. Dive deeply into what this really means and explore how you can commit to a truly congruent way of life.

Caroline MyssCaroline is a medical intuitive and internationally renowned speaker known for her work with sacred contracts, archetypes and chakras. Through years of studying Energy Anatomy, Anatomy of the Spirit, Entering the Castle, and finally, Defy Gravity, Caroline has mapped out a continual sequence of the sacred alignment of the seven centres of power that form the spheres of consciousness within the human soul.

Whether she was studying our energetic anatomy system or the seven mansions of our soul, as described by Teresa of Avila, or the relationship between our seven shadow passions and our seven mystical graces – the common golden thread was that this mystical knowledge, inevitably led the spiritual pilgrim to become fully aware, fully whole, fully congruent.

So attuned are we to this need to be congruent that we can seek this harmonious resonance in every relationship we have and even in every room we walk into. We immediately sense when we are “out of alignment” with someone or something and lose our sense of inner peace. Congruence is second nature to us because it is indeed our spiritual comfort zone.

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13 August 2012