A single living system

Hello everyone

I hope life is rich and rewarding for you whether you are enjoying wintry weather or summery scenes – or perhaps cultivating inner sunshine to augment an overdose of rain. I am still basking in the glow of the Resource People gathering last month. How energising it was to engage with these 27 vibrant, committed people who act as a point of contact for Findhorn in their own countries. RPGatheringJune2012Please know that there may be such a person in your country extending the essence of Findhorn to you at home. For details of the 166 people in 34 countries visit our website.

It is this global perspective that both touches and enthuses me – how great that Ana Rhodes, our Chair of Management, was at the People’s Summit at Rio+20 and that May East, the Head of CIFAL Scotland (previously CIFAL Findhorn), and Kosha Joubert, President of the Global Ecovillage Network and a member of the Findhorn Foundation community, was also there. You can read Ana’s daily reports starting here.

And as the Olympics begin let all 16,000 of us envisage this global event supporting the expansion of all that is beautiful, courageous and noble in the human condition, with the knowledge that beyond the thrill of healthy competition we are all part of a single living system. With all that is unfolding in Syria, Greece, Afghanistan, USA and many other places, and the fear that is so rife all around us, I’m glad to remember, as Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist says: “At critical points in evolution, all living systems respond with transcendence and creativity”. I love that we are all part of the transcendence and the creativity, and that the Foundation and community has been for 50 years!

Sacred Dance FestivalAt a community meeting recently the questions were asked – after 50 years are we still relevant, is the community still ‘on purpose’? It is clear to me that we are, more than ever, important as a brave experiment, an alternative model and, as many of you have articulated, a beacon of hope in a world that could easily render us fearful, stressed and powerless. How wonderful it was to see 80 people from all over the world singing, dancing and making merry music together at the Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song and another 61 playing the Planetary Game. The world needs more of this!

What better way to tap into the highly infectious magic that is Findhorn, than to take part in the Findhorn Intensive, a 15–month enquiry in applied spiritual living, over six residential weeks, with peer group support and individual mentoring between times. The first module is now 8–14 December 2012, an opportunity to strengthen your inner connection, open to new possibilities for living, engage creatively with the rigours of daily life while supported, challenged and encouraged.

50thBirthdayBook2If you are interested in hearing personal stories about the development of this amazing place and connecting with its vision for the next 50 years, read about the launch of the wonderful Findhorn Community Birthday Book, presented to Dorothy Maclean on July 2. You’ll find details of content and how to order by using the link above.

I love that the Foundation continues to be recognised as a valuable contributor to education for a new world. Two of our upcoming programmes – Transition to Resilience 8 December 2012, and Beyond You and Me 19 January 2013 – have been validated and funded by Grundtvig, a European funding programme that is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme 2007–2013. And there will be more validated programmes in our 2013 calendar so keep checking our website. How wonderful that it is now possible for European citizens (except UK) to travel to and participate in these courses for free if their application is accepted. If you are interested in applying please click on the relevant link.

PeopleWork026For those of you who have taken part in Ecovillage Training, now is the time to register for Gaia Education Design for Sustainability Incorporating Transition Towns Training, 13 October–9 November. I love being around when this programme is on as participants of all ages and backgrounds bring with them a colourful exuberance and passion which ignites our community. For more information on the weeklong modules or the complete training click on the link above.

Also beginning 13 October (note the new date) is Co-Creative Healing, an advanced training for those in healing professions and those who would like a journey of deep personal healing. This potentially transformational six–module training begins with modules 1 and 2, 13–26 October.

My last piece of good news is that our Love, Magic, Miracles conference 29 September–5 October is booking so well that our own accommodation is full. But don’t despair, there are many wonderful Bed and Breakfasts at the Park, right on the conference’s doorstep, happy to welcome you. We plan to rock the universe with the power of love through this conference so please join us for a deeply satisfying, highly inspirational Findhorn experience.

FCSMay2012jumpingAnd a huge thank you to all of you who have sent early birthday presents to support the building of new guest accommodation as part of our commitment to changing the world from the inside out. We have now raised £27,000 towards the £271,000 needed and are touched by your messages:

I am sending my blessings and thanks for your work for future guests.


Good luck with the lodges and thanks for the opportunity to support.


Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! Here comes my birthday present.


Dear sisters and brothers, I send you a contribution for the beautiful work over such a long period.


In awareness of the greater whole of which we’re all part.

With love and laughter,

Yvonne Cuneo
for the Communications Team

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25 July 2012