Effecting Change – from the inside out

Hello everyone

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be physically back in Findhorn. Having been away for over six months I feel like I did when I first came to live here in 2000, seeing with fresh eyes what a creative, heart-opening place this is. We are not without our knotty issues and we are far from perfectionPeopleComm005 but I love the aliveness and diversity of both the people who live here and the people who participate in our programmes. They all keep me awake, engaged and bursting with enthusiasm. It was like the world was here too as I met around 40 delegates at the Network of Light Gathering as soon as I landed. Wow – so great to see people from centres in such varied places as Laos, Vietnam, Kenya, India, Russia, Greece and Canada putting their hearts and minds together to bring about global change. And of course there are 16,000 more of you receiving this email who are part of this fast-growing network of the spirit.

It is obvious that 2012 is going to be a bumper 50th birthday year for the Findhorn community – so much has happened in the built environment since I left. At the top of the runway at East Whins, co-housing and affordable flats and houses are going up at speed, the owners excitedly preparing to move into their eco-dwellings by the end of the summer. Huge thanks to Jonathan Caddy, one of Eileen and Peter’s sons who has lived at The Park since he was a child and has been Managing Director of Dunelands housing project for the past two years.

EcoChalet1At the other end of The Park, near the wind turbines, the innovative Soilse development is also nearing completion and nine people will move in, by degrees, over the late summer. The new Foundation bunkhouse, which will provide high standard affordable accommodation for participants is being completed as I write; Cullerne Gardens has a superb new barn designed and built by a community person, ably supported by the gardening team; Park Garden has a beautiful new meeting space and the second of the new staff houses has been gleefully occupied. Last, but certainly not least, Ian Turnbull’s unique Singing Chamber, nestled in woodland beside the Universal Hall, has the beginnings of a stunning mosaic on its shell – I know it will be as magical as the Nature Sanctuary Ian built in the 80s. And all this is in gorgeous gardens created with love, in the spirit of co-creation and rich in blossom and greenery.

This expansion of the built landscape, and the interesting challenges it brings – increased traffic, infrastructure needs, keeping connection with a growing population and questions about effective governing – is accompanied by the knowledge that it must be balanced with the growth of the community’s inner life too, and its continued mindful cooperation with spirit and the unseen worlds.

As we unfold into the next stage of our evolution – a planetary village – the Foundation asks for your support to continue doing what we do best: FCSMay2012jumpingeffecting global change at a personal level. We notice with interest that in these times of crisis and uncertainty more and more people are wanting to visit us, to contribute to the emergence of a new world. So we have a clear creative vision – to manifest £271,000 to build two new guest lodges so we can welcome 700 more people each year. We have so far raised £18,000 and invite you to energise this project in whatever way feels best for you. Please send positive thoughts, and if you feel drawn to donate visit here.

We look forward to welcoming many of you in 2012. If you are planning your summer (or wanting to escape the southern hemisphere winter) and wondering what to do about your children, bring them along – kids love the varied experiences at Findhorn! We have Family Experience Weeks (children 5-17) beginning July 21 and August 4; a Youth Experience Week (for 14-17 year olds) and a Family Exploring Community Life both beginning July 28; and Joyful Parenting (including children 5-15), August 11.

For a completely different summer experience Richard Olivier and faculty are offering modules 1 and 2 in Mythodrama. Module 1, July 21-22 is Inspirational Leadership, using Henry V to delve into the art of authentic, passionate leadership. Module 2, July 23-27 explores the archetypes of Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover and how we can bring each into our lives with equal power.

Quintessense1An equally creative choice would be Quintessence of the Arts, July 28 for 14 days. This journey is a sensory exploration of the transformative process of nature through your imagination, guided movement, writing and painting sessions.

Gearing up for our birthday celebrations in November we offer one of the Foundation’s famous international conferences: Love, Magic, Miracles, September 29–October 5. What better way to honour the commitment of our founders and 50 years of ‘love in action’ and ‘expect a miracle’ than to explore and celebrate the truth that love is the greatest power on earth and the best answer to every question. With love in our hearts we invite magic and miracles into our daily lives, just as Dorothy, Eileen and Peter did. Join in the joy! For a full list of presenters, including Caroline Myss, Robert Holden, Ervin Laszlo, Marko Pogacnik and Andrew Harvey, visit our website.

If you have the time to stay on, or if you plan to come for these three days only, Caroline Myss continues the conference energy with a Master Class: On the Path to Becoming a Congruent Human Being, October 6-8. Caroline will look at how true health comes with inner alignment, being truly honest with yourself and not compromising your inner voice through fear of the consequences. This exploration of seeking truth versus self-betrayal is pertinent stuff – irresistible really. See you there!

PeopleComm001If I don’t see you there, no matter – I know we are all partners in the creation of a more soul-infused, holistic, compassionate and co-creative culture – we can all participate in planetary awareness at an ecological and spiritual level. There is an evolving physical model here but each of us, wherever we are on this vast (or tiny) blue planet, can be open to the energy of personal transformation. I find it useful to remember that in the world of spirit the scale of action is not important –

    “An act of synthesis between two people and the creation of a healthy family relationship is not less meaningful nor impactful than an act of peace between nations… do not work in the realm of quantity… but of quality.”

From a transmission through David Spangler.

That puts transforming the world well within reach of any of us!

Sending blessings of grace and power for your summer/winter solstice and for your work within and without.

With love and laughter,

Yvonne Cuneo
for the Communications Team

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15 June 2012