In the Dark and the Light

Hello everyone

I’ve just been out walking in a cork plantation, feeling the exquisiteness of a crisp autumn morning (I’m still in Australia) while imagining all the daffodils and crocuses in my garden in Findhorn. At this time of spring/autumn equinox I’m reminded of the wholeness of light and dark, growth and harvest, and the unity of values and intention with you, our Findhorn family, whether you be north, south, east or west.

I am feeling a little of what my favourite Australian cartoonist and poet Leunig calls ‘lifeache’ – and the bittersweetness of the human condition. Recently I came across a helpful notion, wabi sabi love, a Japanese expression meaning to consciously love the imperfections in ourselves, friends, family, relationships, life. This is a liberating concept for me and helps me work in a useful way with light and dark and to move on from judgement and criticism.

Embracing the imperfections of community and its members is always an interesting task. At a recent community meeting which explored the theme of Where are we going? the question was asked: if you had three wishes for the community, what would they be? One wish of mine has been that we attract a broader spectrum of people to Findhorn and it is wonderful to realise that this is already happening.

Since late February The Park has hosted ten local people who have moved on from drug and alcohol addiction, on a three-month programme, Recovery & Discovery. We are also running three Youth Empowerment Programmes for local young people, the first one beginning in April with 15 participants. The great thing is that all these programmes are being funded by local government agencies and charities. Recently we’ve established a new education stream, Findhorn Co-Ability Project. The term co-ability has been created to bring focus to the many positive elements adults with learning disability bring to our world. The first of these weeks begins on June 30.

Iona benchThe Park has also been buzzing with 25 people, 20-66 years old, from 13 different countries, participating in Ecovillage Training. Now the Findhorn Community Semester: The Human Challenge of Sustainability is in full swing with 14 young people from USA here for 14 weeks.

We’re excited about the number of people who have already booked to return in this landmark 50th birthday year, to renew connections with the community. We’re also celebrating the 40th birthday of our retreat house on the isle of Iona, Traigh Bhan, so it’s also a special year to gift yourself a retreat in this remote and peaceful place. If you can’t make it to UK in 2012 have a look at our inspiring Outreach calendar. There may be something happening on your doorstep.

In our 50th year we are keen to reaffirm the founding principles of Findhorn and many of our programmes from April to June do just that.

The first of these is Living Whole: Shaping a future with Grace, Beauty and Sustainability. Three week-long modules, (21 April, 22 September, 24 November), taken separately or as a whole – a great way to explore your inner life, learn about co-creation with nature, develop sensitivity to subtle energies and become a subtle activist for the benefit of all – in partnership with the Lorian Association and David Spangler.

BeachCircle-Needs copyrightAs a part of the worldwide network of light since the 60s, we are proud to be the venue for the International Holistic Centres’ Gathering 12-17 May. Since the mid-80s many of the world’s leading holistic learning centres have met annually and we’re delighted to be hosting this annual conference in our 50th year. If you work in or with an holistic centre please join us to share challenges, best practices, exchange ideas and ponder the overall direction of the changes in consciousness and action to which we are all dedicated.

If you want to reconnect with our founding principles in a very celebratory way and be involved with all aspects of the Foundation, 19-25 May and 18-24 August are the second and third of our Homecoming weeks for those of you who have already participated in Experience Week. Come and enjoy long spring or summer days in the heart of community.

Following on from the May Homecoming week you are spoiled for choice. The first is Change your Conversation, Change Your Life, 26-28 May – a chance to look closely at who we are, why we’re here and how we can evolve to the next level personally, politically and globally. Using activities including whole group dialogue, two sessions with Neale Donald Walsch via videolink, small group discussion, chair-work, experiential exercises, meditation and movement.

ClunyGardenHelena2011Or, if you have always wanted to create or explore more deeply your connection with the nature kingdom and other subtle realms, join Judy McAllister, long-time companion of Dorothy Maclean, for Co-creation with the Intelligence of Nature, 26 May-1 June.

If you have a great idea and want to make it happen, Innovation Activism: The Future in Your Hands, 9-16 June, is the programme for you. Be supported to make the shift from idea to action through exercises which develop your creativity, your inner knowing, your sense of personal authority and your concrete skills.

Finally, in Science and Mysticism: A New Paradigm for Measuring Wellness, 4-10 August, Sam Berne will read and analyse participants’ energy fields and chakras before and after the retreat. In between the group will look at the wholeness of individual and global health,People39 the rift between masculine and feminine energies, and connect to bio-intelligence for healing and expansion. Sounds amazing!

Whatever your plans for 2012, everyone at Findhorn sends you peace and joy. As we prepare for our Easter conference, Into Christ Consciousness, 7 April, may we all surrender to the impulse of creative change.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

God help us to live slowly:
To move simply:
To look softly:
To allow emptiness:
To let the heart create for us.

Michael Leunig

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27 March 2012