A Special International Conference at Findhorn

Love, Magic, Miracles
29 September – 5 October 2012

Dear Friends

A conference in Findhorn’s 50th Birthday year had to have a special theme. The inspiration came when I heard one of our community founders, Dorothy Maclean, say at a community gathering: The greatest power on earth is love. My mind was made up – it had to be love.

The genesis for this conference lay in my contemplating the extraordinary challenges we are facing on many levels; spiritual hunger, ecological devastation, economic crisis, lack of world leadership. More than ever I felt love could be, should be, the answer we are seeking.

LMMposterWith great challenges come great opportunities, chances to manifest magic and miracles, potent energies that the Findhorn Community has demonstrated to be fundamental parts of daily life, manifestations of love itself.

We’re envisioning a week that will be joyful, celebratory and highly experiential with talks, ceremony, ritual, dance, music, meditation and workshops to help take our understanding of love, magic and miracles to another level in a grounded way.

The Findhorn Foundation and community has always been a beacon of light, and our intention is that the energies birthed and sent out by all of us at this event will serve the world.

Co-organiser Antonio Palmieri and myself have brought together a wonderful team of presenters and workshop leaders including Caroline Myss, Prof Ervin Laszlo, Thomas Moore, Andrew Harvey, Marko Pogacnik, Robert Holden, Jay Ramsay, Barbara Swetina and Philip Newell. (David Spangler will also join us as a presenter, via a video conference link.)

We warmly invite you to add your light and help co-create a week that will be a blessing to the world.

Michael Hawkins
Conference organiser


The essence of this community is to bring heaven down to earth, to learn to do everything with love.

Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Community co-founder


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28 February 2012