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Hello everyone

As 2012 begins to unfold I wonder how you are all doing in this mystery school of life. We are 15,000 lives, with so many differences on the outside — a myriad of languages and cultures, rural, city, living where we were born, adopted a new country, maybe you are involved with illness, unemployed, overworked, Dorothy Macleanalone, not enough personal space, and have a whole range of different talents and growing edges — what a glorious diversity. Yet, as Dorothy Maclean, our surviving founder, says, it is knowing and embodying the unity of all life which is the ultimate lesson. Dorothy recently celebrated her 92nd birthday.

When I first came to live at Findhorn in 2000 I was utterly inspired by David Spangler's piece on Christ Consciousness. Whether we call this cosmic consciousness or Buddha consciousness or another name altogether, the essence for me was that there is an inexplicable something pushing us all towards… or leading us back to… our essential wholeness, our loving nature and our deep connection with all of life — in fact, all that is at the heart of Findhorn! David’s article helped me understand how I had so surprisingly ended up at Findhorn and I notice the subtle insistence of Christ consciousness in my life-classroom still.

Recently this insistence to know my own wholeness vies with bursts of unaccountable panic, existential fear and a sense of separation as I wrestle with how to live and how to die well in the face of my parents’ aging process. I feel as if I am in kindergarten as I alternate between a sense of expansion when I contemplate the vastness of the cosmos and the sheer beauty of life, and terror when reading the news or facing my own mortality. Perhaps you feel it too; perhaps some of us are feeling it together.
It’s therefore relieving and nourishing to know that our Easter Gathering, 7–10 April, Into Christ Consciousness, seeks to harness the power of this evolutionary insistence on wholeness and love through group synergy. I can’t think of a more meaningful way to address humanity’s challenges, which often come from a sense of separation, than to gather here with people from all spiritual traditions to explore and embody the interconnectedness and multi-dimensionality of life. This is powerful and useful work! Follow the link for more information about the huge depth and range of this event, the amazing contributors such as William Bloom and Jeddah Mali, and optional follow-on experiences.

CommNews221111-3Many more things are happening here — building is about to begin in East Whins, part of The Park Housing Co-operative, including four affordable houses; the third Foundations of Findhorn evening focused on our spiritual roots; a community-wide meeting was held to clear old history — a great way to house-clean in our 50th year – and there is a new book to commemorate 50 years of Findhorn.

Called Spirit of the Future, the 120 page birthday book will be packed with beautiful images, inspiring interviews and stories from 1962 to 2012, as well as previously unpublished archive material from the founders, Eileen, Peter and Dorothy. To help support the production of this historic publication you can pre-order, pre-pay or make a donation by following the link. If talk of a birthday book triggers nostalgic memories of group projects in Cluny Garden, convivial tea-breaks, deeply nourishing Taizé or mad, laughter-filled KPs, come celebrate with us at our first special Findhorn Homecoming Week, PeopleComm04117 March — seven days of dancing, sharing, playing and love in action — guaranteed to lift your spirit.

Also in March, 10–12, is the opportunity to join international author and renowned workshop leader John de Ruiter, for Dialogues in Profound Reality — three days to cut through illusion and honestly inquire into who you really are.

If you resonated with my existential angst, Findhorn is definitely the place to be for either These Extraordinary Times, 31 March, for a chance to explore your inner turmoil, or 2 June for The Metaphysics of Nature and Humanity. For three days Michael Roads will remind us that nature and humanity are expressions of one consciousness – that we are metaphysical beings: immortal, infinite, one with all.

LMMimageFor those of you looking further ahead, please be aware of our Love, Magic, Miracles conference, 29 September–5 October. Seven days to explore and celebrate the truth that love is the greatest power on earth, and that the magical and miraculous can happen when we open ourselves to divine grace – a truth that has formed and influenced the role of the Findhorn Community for 50 years. Most of us have experienced the magic of Findhorn and this conference plans to radiate a much-needed boost of love, magic and miracles for the benefit of all.

Wishing you joy, humour and acceptance for whatever is happening in your particular life school, and hoping to welcome you to Findhorn soon.

With love and laughter,

Yvonne Cuneo
for the Communications Team


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31 January 2012