John de Ruiter at Findhorn

We are delighted to be hosting internationally renowned philosopher
John de Ruiter and his explorations into consciousness and truth

Dialogues in Profound Reality
10–12 March 2012

John de Ruiter is a Canadian-born teacher and pioneer of integrated philosophy who lives in, and answers questions from, a profound depth. It is from this depth of knowledge that he serves those who thirst for deeper meaning, purpose and communion. He regularly conducts seminars around the globe, inspiring, uplifting and opening new doors for his audiences.

JohndeRuiter2012Known for his silence and stillness, John conveys the living way of Truth in meetings, which can be profoundly and immediately known by everyone. “Truth lives in each one of us. To understand that there is no necessity to search, a high level of awareness is needed,” he says. “Such a level of awareness can only come into being by core-splitting honesty and questioning everything you think you know and feel. As soon as you discard everything you do not honestly know the truth of, only the ultimate truth remains.”

Inviting individual one-on-one sessions, he speaks from the heart, weighing his words and directing them to the point for each inquirer that has the effect, in that moment, of opening up an awareness of what is real and which, once awoken, remains awake.

Join John for a dialogue that promises fascinating insight and inquiry into our deepest quest — our profound reality.

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I expected bells and whistles, auras and mystical gyrations. But to my surprise, there were no pyrotechnics, only deep love and a longing on my part to be more fully awake. I felt no manipulation from John, only love, his face always passive, neither smiling nor frowning, just essence to essence.

Justine Willis Toms, previous participant


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