Accepting what is

Hello everyone,

In the frenetic busyness that often characterises this time of year it’s calming to sit at my computer in Sydney and tune into our global family. I imagine all the different climates and outdoor scenes you’re experiencing, the families and circles of friends you are with, and the traditions you are honouring. It’s so nurturing to feel the unity in the diversity, and the commonality of our desire to serve the unfolding of a big-hearted, generous, loving world, particularly when global events in 2011 have often emphasised separation, ecological disaster and conflict.

NatureLand102On the evening of December 21 the community in Findhorn met for one of our most beautiful and unifying traditions – the winter solstice spiral. Imagine a darkened Universal Hall in wintry stillness, with a rich holly and ivy spiral at its centre. Then, a person came forward and walked the spiral for all of us, wherever we are – releasing 2011 and building intention for 2012 – and drew an angel quality for this, our 50th birthday, year. I’m very happy to announce that the angel which overlights us all in the Findhorn community for the next year is ACCEPTANCE. I notice I feel a distinct relief in response to this quality – it is such a simple yet sometimes almost impossible thing to do. Of course accepting what is, can be the first step in turning a situation around. Have fun with this quality!

2011 has been an expansive and busy year at Findhorn and for an overview of the Foundation’s work in the world I encourage you to read our 2010/11 Annual Report. We welcomed 4,000 residential guests from 54 countries and our website was visited 14,500 times a week by people from 211 countries and territories – WOW! How far we’ve come since 1962 and three adults and three children in one small caravan in the windswept north of Scotland.

CommNews221111-3To remember these early days, and as a lead up to our 50th birthday, the community is holding monthly evening talks, Foundations of Findhorn, so that everyone can hear and ask questions about the birth and development of the community and the Foundation. You can read about the first of these here and learn why Dorothy Maclean, our only living founder, says we should actually be celebrating 60 years. For a summary of the second evening in the series click here.

We have also created a souvenir memory stick loaded with beautiful images and memories of the first 50 years of the FindhornUSB stick Foundation community and ecovillage. This unique memento is a 4GB USB Flash Drive inscribed with the Foundation’s web address on the front and ‘Expect A Miracle’ on the back. For more information and to order click here.

To fast forward to one of our more recent successes, the biomass boiler, installed over a year ago, has reduced carbon emissions by an estimated 80 tons and saved £15,000 in fuel costs. Click here to read the full story.

If you too are remembering inspiring times at Findhorn, we are already receiving bookings for our 50th birthday Homecoming Weeks with people looking forward to engaging with their old service departments. Old friends are planning to meet up during these weeks and experience anew the fun and friendship begun during Experience Week,PeopleComm041 festivals, conferences and workshops. We’re also keen to hear about and appreciate the many ways you have taken the Findhorn experience into your families, your businesses and your lives throughout the world.

We also warmly invite you to join us during this celebration year at one of our conferences:

Into Christ Consciousness, Easter, 7 – 10 April
Love, Magic, Miracles, 29 September – 5 October

or special events:

The Planetary Game, 23–30 June
The Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song, 7–13 July
Caroline Myss Masterclass: Becoming a Congruent Human Being, 6–8 October
or one of the many Games of Transformation offered throughout the year.

If you’ve had wonderful times on the isles of Iona or Erraid, or have been meaning to visit, they too are offering many retreats and festivals.

It’s now five years since Eileen Caddy, one of our founders, died, and I remember her wish at that time was that we embrace ourselves, the community, the world and her in unconditional love. Bioneers8This is not as easy as it sounds in these challenging times! For me the global human family comes closest to Eileen’s wish at this time of year when, for a brief moment, there is a willingness to open to our core essence of community, compassion and kindness and feel truly connected. Heaven here on earth seems so tantalisingly possible – and yet somehow it does not last. May 2012 bring a leap in the evolution of human consciousness towards a compassionate, kind and loving world.

All of us at Findhorn send you love and appreciation — we are indeed more than the sum of our parts and there is great synergy at work. May we all feel a lightness of being and joy and gratitude for this gift of life, with all its mystery and miracles.


With laughter, acceptance and authenticity (my summer solstice angel).

Yvonne Cuneo
for the Communications Team

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22 December 2011