Spirit of the Future – Our 2012 Brochure

Hello everyone

This week the Findhorn Foundation is sending out our 2012 brochure, celebrating 50 years of the community of which we are all a part. It will be posted to you or also available to download as a pdf file from our website. We hope you enjoy the photographic tributes to Findhorn past and present, the variety of programmes on offer in this auspicious year, and its dedication to the next 50 fabulous years of personal and planetary transformation.

Whether you’re enjoying spring warmth like me (in Australia, caring for my parents once more), autumn leaves or equatorial humidity, please join with us in gratitude for the courage and focus of our three founders, Dorothy Maclean and Eileen and Peter Caddy (sitting outside the original caravan in the image below, early 1960s), for the amazing unfolding of this community, and for how it has touched all our lives.

We are proud of our success at creating a space where personal growth can happen, we celebrate this audacious experiment, this evolving model, this heartfelt intention to do things differently — History004with all its joys and challenges. We are proud to be partnering in the 21st century with the United Nations, the Global Ecovillage Network, universities, schools, businesses, and with our local Moray Council, charities, government agencies and health care providers.

And we are proud of you, our global family, who support us in so many ways and take the seeds of new ideas and ways of being to countries all over the world. You are our famous ripple effect!

With dramatic and historic global changes erupting on a regular basis, please also join with us in looking to the spirit of the future. This spirit was so beautifully modeled for me by the 38 participants in our recent Ecovillage Design Education – a group of the young and young at heart from Hungary, India, Croatia, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Portugal, Malta, Australia, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, South Africa, USA, UK, Chile, Austria and Bolivia, bursting with exuberance, optimism, intention, practical ideas and the will to implement them.

PeopleComm041And so, as the community turns 49 on 17 November 2011 and enters its 50th year, we extend a very special invitation to you all to descend on us in droves from all corners of the planet over the next 12 months. Bring your sparkle, your challenges, your diversity, your exuberance, your stories, your optimism and commitment – to reaffirm our community of spirit, to reconnect, to nurture and to celebrate.

To whet your appetites, here are a few of the wonderful ways to do this:

As I write this email I can’t help remembering my own Experience Week back in 1992 – the deep connections I made (many lasting to the present day), my angel of Peace, a deepening sense of universal forces living through me, and my newfound hope that people could work together, with loving kindness and a sense of the greater good. This feeling of my own expansion and of the essential unity within the diversity of life continues to inspire me, nurtured by my continuing relationship with Findhorn. I suspect the same is true for many of you.

I hope our 2012 brochure brings happy memories of your time at Findhorn, too, and that this experiment we all support continues to inspire you.

With huge thanks for the part we all play in this community, everyone at Findhorn sends you birthday wishes.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

8 November 2011